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Lightning GK Glove

Impact Resistant
Easy Care

Product Overview

Fortify with Fury. The all new Lightning combines a classic negative cut with the latest in glove fit design. It features a long cuff that opens up for easy on/off and a double-wrap wrist strap for a secure fit and maximum adjustability.

Grippy, yet tough, 3.5mm German New Basic latex combined with a backhand featuring a protective and flexible punch zone and non-removable finger spines make it one of the most protective glove in the lineup. The glove has just enough stretch to feel like a second skin and provide the structure needed to stop hard shots.

Why It’s Special

The all new Lightning combines a classic negative cut with the latest in glove fit design. The long cuff offers a secure fit with a wrist strap for total confidence yet without the usual bulkiness a more traditional cut. The elastic strap allows for exact fit adjustment, and is removable for an even more streamline feel. The cuff opens up entirely for easy on/off.

The grip is the grippy yet tough German New Basic latex, which is tougher than the softer latexes on the market, yet still has amazing grip.

The backhand features a flexible punch zone over the knuckles for protection and grip on the ball, and is extended out onto the fingers to provide extra protection. This combined with the five finger spines makes it one of the most protective gloves in the lineup. The backhand material has just enough stretch to make the glove feel like it’s part of your hand, and still provides the structure to the glove for hard shots. The seamless design results in a very streamline glove, making it light yet tough.

Grip: 3.5mm German New Basic latex

Cut: Negative

Spines: 5 finger spines (non-removable)

Fit: Extended cuff, slim fit, roll thumb