Warm Up To These 5 Pieces Of Winter Running Gear

Jan 6, 2021

Winter Running: Preparation is Key to Tackling All Obstacles

As a seasoned runner, you will be well aware that the mechanics behind running change depending on the time of the year, especially during the winter. As the weather gets colder and the ground becomes icier, runners are faced with multiple challenges. Cold weather running presents challenges such as regulating body temperature, staving off reduced immune function and avoiding injuries caused by slipping on ice or snow. 

Now with the added variable of protecting yourself against COVID-19 when out running, there is even more of an incentive to ensure that you are adequately prepared before hitting the pavement. Whether you’re a dedicated runner or a soccer player keeping up a training schedule while practices are postponed, preparation is always key.

In this article, we will talk about the best winter running gear to equip yourself with this winter. 

Best Sports Clothing Items For Running This Winter

Mask + Insert: PowerAir - The Best Mask For Sports

First on the list is the PowerAir Breathable Mask Insert. Like many athletes in the last year, training required wearing a face mask to protect yourself and others from the COVID-19 virus. While many sports brands were quick to release face masks that featured a light breathable fabric, even the best masks can still hinder your performance making running a less enjoyable activity. 

The reason why this happens is that you’re forced to breathe more when wearing a mask to get the same volume of oxygen as when you don’t. This changes your breathing pattern which impacts your performance level and, therefore, makes you work harder to achieve the same level of physical output. 

The goal of the PowerAir mask insert is to counteract this. Its adaptable design means that you can insert it into your favorite sports mask while experiencing the benefits of extra breathability and comfort. 

This insert reduces the recycling of concentrated carbon dioxide (CO2) meaning that your body is able to inhale the amount of oxygen it requires during cardiovascular exercise while expelling larger amounts of CO2. Additionally, it fits effectively to the face allowing for a secure fit and reducing the need to readjust your mask while running. 

By wearing a PowerAir mask insert while running, you will be able to breathe better which will inevitably mean that you can perform better and will not feel as frustrated or uncomfortable with your mask. This will make cold weather running a much more enjoyable activity. 

Multipurpose Hoodies: Technical Training Hoodie

The Technical Training Hoodie is a slim-fit hoodie and is manufactured using high stretch fabric which allows you to layer up or wear alone - perfect for the cold weather runner. 

The winter weatherproof layer allows you to comfortably perform while also reducing overheating. Engineered with mesh panels that are seamlessly constructed into the side torso allows for optimal venting while also providing sweat-wicking abilities. 

A contoured hood and articulated elbows allow for optimal mobility while also preventing your peripheral vision from being impacted. Additionally, the contoured hem prevents the hoodie from riding up during exercise keeping you adequately covered.

The addition of two upper zip pockets is an added benefit that all winter runners will enjoy. These pockets are perfect for carrying your cell phone, wallet, protein bars or sports gels. 

Sock Layers: Speed Grip Socks

Another vital piece of winter running gear is effective sports socks such as the Speed Grip Socks. Providing twice the grip of normal socks, SpeedGrip™ material provides increased traction in both dry and wet conditions, making it ideal for cold weather. 

Ideal for layering or wearing on their own, these socks are treated with an anti-bacterial treatment that reduces both germs and odors. Additionally, the suede-like grip material is lightweight and helps to wick moisture away from the body. 

Leggings: Bodyshield Turf Burn

All winter runners require athletic leggings that are comfortable and also provide flexibility. The Bodyshield Turf Burn leggings are constructed with premium microfiber material and added anti-abrasion panels to provide warmth, mobility and protection. 

The anti-abrasion panels protect runners that are training on trails or surfaces that are covered in ice or snow. If a trip or fall occurs, these panels which are located on the hips, knees and sides of calves will ensure that you are protected from abrasions. 

Reflective Vests or Strips

When choosing sports gear for running, fit and comfort will always be a priority. But so should safety especially during the winter months. All runners should equip themselves with reflective clothing, whether that is in vest form or including reflective strips on your cap or shoes. 

If your chosen running trail is a place with limited lighting, reflective clothing helps to notify drivers and pedestrians that you are there. Reflective accents on running gear will bounce the light that is emitted from car headlights back to the driver. It can also help aid your own visibility. If you are running any time before sunrise or after sunset, having your own light source is an added source of protection. 

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