Keeping Your Kid Comfortable & Safe On The Field

Jan 20, 2021

Breathable Masks for Sports

As youth sports programs prepare to reopen, COVID regulations are requiring your kids to wear PPE on the field and in the locker room. How can you make sure that their mask protects them and their teammates―without hampering performance?

While more breathable materials have tried to resolve this problem, they compromise protection. Instead, the solution needs to look towards options that work with approved PPE to improve breathability safely.

That’s why we developed the PowerAir Breathable Mask Insert. This specialized insert is designed specifically to work inside approved masks, offering improved breathability. This allows kids to follow their league’s COVID rules, while still performing their best.

Benefits of Mask Inserts for Youth Sports

Increased Comfort

This is especially important for younger athletes. It’s hard enough to get young kids to keep their masks on during regular activity. But once it becomes uncomfortable from heavy breathing and activity, they’re bound to take it off.

The PowerAir mask insert has a comfortable nose design, that helps the mask sit better on their face. As a result, kids can wear the mask with comfort and are less likely to fiddle with it or remove it - even during sports!


Even where kids are mature enough to understand the importance of keeping their masks on, it’s easy enough for them to fall off during sports. Add in deep breathing and excess saliva from running hard, and there may be a greater risk of transmission if the mask does slip off.

To keep everyone safe, you need a mask that will stay in place. The bracing of the PowerAir mask insert allows it to fit the face more effectively. This doesn’t just increase comfort, it also helps to secure the mask in place. So whether your kid is shooting, sliding, or bending it Beckham-style, their mask stays on all game long.

Wear Under Any Mask

At this point, just about everyone has a favorite mask. Whether it’s because of a specific material, color, brand, or style, we all have one we wear a little more often. The PowerAir mask insert can be worn under any mask. The means the most breathable mask you can have is any mask with the PowerAir insert.

Kids don’t have to sacrifice their preferred design, and can even wear masks with their team’s logos or colors. Just slip the insert inside, and they have the perfect mask for sports.

With this versatility, the PowerAir remains a great option on and off the field.

Stop Breathing the Same Air

Recycling is usually good. But when it comes to oxygen, you want to keep it coming in fresh. 

When we inhale, about 21% of that breath is oxygen and 0.04% is carbon dioxide.  Our bodies use up oxygen and produce carbon dioxide. So we end up exhaling about 16.4% oxygen and 4.4% carbon dioxide.

In theory, you can actually survive breathing the same air for multiple breaths, since you’re only using a fraction of the oxygen with each breath. It’s why we’re normally okay walking around with face masks on. 

During cardiovascular activity, like soccer, we are breathing heavier, faster, and our bodies need more oxygen. We use up that oxygen much faster and produce greater and greater concentrations of CO2. As such, exhaustion sets in faster and performance suffers.

The PowerAir Breathable Mask Insert helps to reduce the recycling of air. It makes it easier to take in fresh oxygen while wearing a mask. This not only helps reduce the amount of carbon dioxide you breathe in but also reduces the hot, uncomfortable air that tends to build up.

Is your child ready to get back on the field and take on the “new normal” in the sports they love? Set them up with the right gear for peak performance and reliable safety. Shop the PowerAir Breathable Mask Insert today!

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