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PowerAir Breathable Mask Insert


The PowerAir Mask Insert slides comfortably under any face covering or mask to dramatically improve breathability without compromising safety. Perfect for athletics, as well as casual and professional settings.

THE ISSUE: Normal masks- even the most technical and breathable ones- feel suffocating because the carbon dioxide you exhale is trapped within the mask, forcing you to breathe your own CO2 over and over. This is why a) you can feel your uncomfortably hot breath inside the mask, b) you run out of breath so quickly, and c) your glasses fog up: your exhale is staying within the mask or is flowing back in your mouth / nose and in your eyes. 

THE SOLUTION: This patented invention 100% made in the United States filters your exhale like gills, allowing you to breathe fresh air and blocking your CO2 from getting re-inhaled. As soon as you start using the PowerAir within a mask, you should immediately feel a sense of improved breathability: the air will feel fresh, you will be able to work out without running out of breath, and your exhale won't end up in your eyes (thus your glasses won't fog up, if you wear them). 

Furthermore, by forcing your exhale to exit through the front of your mask, the PowerAir is ensuring that your exhale is actually filtered by the mask and thus working appropriately. 

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