Soccer injuries happen all the time, but finally there is a solution

Jul 15, 2015

1 out of 2 soccer players are injured each season 

Let’s not kid ourselves: soccer is a contact sport. Globally, the level of participation and competition is on the rise, with the game continuing to become faster, bigger, stronger. If you play or have a son or daughter who plays, you have experienced it first-hand.

NCAA studies conducted over 5 years across both men and women teams reported a total of 110,000 soccer injuries, an average of roughly 1 injury for every 2 players. This means that as a player you have a 50% chance to be sidelined by injury this season… yikes!

The same study shows that most injuries cause players to miss 3-6 game days, which is a lot when the season often lasts only 12 weeks. These injuries do not only hurt players physically, they also reduce player confidence, concentration and ultimately make the game less fun.

Storelli protective soccer gear helps youth players play more safely and perform better

Physical contact causes most injuries, from head to toe

Head injuries: Soccer is one of the sports with the highest incidence of concussions. NCAA studies shows that injury to the neck, face and head represent 10-13% of all soccer injuries, with women suffering close to twice as many concussions as men.

Torso and upper body: attract ~20% of injuries

Lower limbs: unsurprisingly attract the great majority of hurt (65%+)

Most injuries are caused by body-to-body impact, even concussions. A new study shows that most concussions are not caused by heading the ball, but rather by head-to-head or elbow-to-head collisions. Bigger, stronger, more competitive players = bigger, stronger bodies clashing when fighting for the ball.

The new brand protecting players from head to toe

Despite all these injuries, big brands do not offer protective gear that help reduce risks of injuries. Care is left to medical professionals AFTER injuries occur, which is too little, way too late. Luckily, there is now a new specialized solution provider, a group of players and scientists in Brooklyn, NY: Storelli – Next-Gen Soccer Protection. Storelli founders felt the pain of soccer injuries first-hand, and thus created the first and only brand dedicated solely to protecting players from injuries BEFORE they occur.

Storelli protective soccer gear

Storelli gear provides impact protection for soccer players of all ages, from head to toe, attracting a loyal following of hundreds of thousands of players, parents and coaches across continents.

For example, Storelli’s Exoshield Headguard is considered the gold-standard of protective headgear in soccer. Made of military-grade foam, this head guard is so effective at absorbing impact, comfortable and suitable for soccer, that as soon as it was released it was adopted by one of the most famous players in the world in front of millions of spectators (see Sports Illustrated coverage on Intrepido).

Storelli ExoShield Head Guard provides head protection for girls soccer players

Storelli products include a full line of soccer protective gear, protecting every body area at risk, including upper body, thighs and lower legs. It is Storelli’s mission to eliminate those risks so you can be injury-free, play fearlessly and give everything on the pitch.

To see what Storelli can do for you, browse our SOCCER PROTECTIVE GEAR

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