Rewriting the Laws of Speed and Control

Jul 10, 2017


As an athlete, you spend thousands of hours training and a decent chunk of change buying the best gear to gain that edge. And after all the blood and sweat you have put in, it's wasted when it’s time to perform because you've got slippery insoles that actually decrease your performance. Not only that but more slippage means a higher risk of injury.

Regular shoe insoles are smooth and are designed to allow you to easily slide your sock into your shoe— but in action, this feature acts against you. This is the issue we set out to solve. The solution is SpeedGrip™: your simple, affordable and elegant secret weapon.

The SpeedGrip™ surface has a brushed nap texture which is soft to the touch and non-abrasive, yet creates a bond that feels like your feet and shoes have fused into a single unit. The material is non-woven, meaning that it is created by applying massive amounts of heat and pressure—resulting in a structure that when it gets wet actually gets grippier!

If we say so, it's a great edge and we're mighty proud of it.


SpeedGrip™ Insoles make your favorite sports footwear fit as if they were custom-made like a professional athlete's.

They're designed to replace your current insoles, because standard insoles are not optimized for traction. This means that at every step, your feet slide, slowing you down by split-seconds that make all the difference when you need it most.

Testing conducted by Progressive Sports Technologies Ltd., based at Loughborough University in England showed that the friction properties of the insole, improved perception of foot control and boosting power of movement.

The tests, conducted in both wet and dry conditions, showed that SpeedGrip™ Insoles had 58 percent more friction, and the majority of athletes testing them (90 percent) said that the Insole made them feel faster.




As added features, SpeedGrip™ Insoles have a perforated forefront for breathability, a textured pattern underneath to help hold them in place and both fabric and foam are antimicrobial to prevent nasty odors. The unique Heel Tab we designed locks your heel movement to prevent up and down slippage inside your shoe for maximum hold.

The foundation of SpeedGrip™ Insoles is a special foam layer that we dialed to the exact density: soft enough to provide comfort while being firm enough to transfer energy directly from your foot to the boot. They are ultra-thin, lightweight and can fit into most types of sports shoes.


SpeedGrip™ Insoles are for any athlete who wants that extra edge to improve their game.

Whether your game is soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis—or even skateboarding or cycling—you can upgrade your sports shoes with SpeedGrip™ Insoles to gain that extra power, speed and control that you need. 


SpeedGrip™ Insoles can be customized to fit any size boot or shoe, old or new, whether male or female. Simply use the existing insole as a template to cut your SpeedGrip™ Insoles down to the right size by placing it on top and cutting around. 

SpeedGrip™ Insoles are designed to fit low-profile athletic boots, which is why they are both narrow and thin (only 3mm in padding). While they do fit in most athletic shoes, they are not meant to be used in extra wide boots or shoes.

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