Youth: Storelli Shin Pad Care Guide

Nov 18, 2019

*This article is part of an educational series for soccer parents and players new to soccer*

Shin pads are an integral part of any soccer player’s kit. They shield the shins from hard impacts, bruises, and scratches from cleats. Today’s shin guards are often made of different synthetic materials, including fiberglass, plastic, or polyurethane. These materials are useful for protecting vulnerable shins, but they can smell terrible when used frequently and left unwashed. 

To ensure that your shin guards are able to serve you for as long as possible, you’ll need to maintain them regularly. This includes keeping them clear of dirt, sweat, and bacteria, which are the most common causes of foul-smelling soccer equipment.

Storelli Shin Guard Advantage

If you’re a frequent user of Storell compression leg guards, you’ll likely spend a lot less time washing your shin pads. This is because all of our leg guards come with a convenient pocket to hold your shin pad in place.

Since it’s not on the outside of your leg, it’s less likely to become heavy with dirt and sweat. You’ll still need to wash them, but it should be a much less unpleasant experience. 

Importance of Maintaining Your Shin Guards

There are many reasons why you should be regularly cleaning and maintaining your shin guards including: 

  • The longevity of the product
  • Avoiding odor-causing bacteria 
  • Saving money 

Ensure They Last to Prevent Injury

Washing your shin guards is a great opportunity to inspect them closely for any hairline cracks or chips, which reduces their efficiency. Heading into a game with a broken shin pad means that you’re extremely vulnerable - you won’t know when a sudden impact will crack or even shatter your shin pad completely. 

Reduce Odor

Don’t be that person who opens their bag and stinks up the entire locker room. Like our everyday clothing, our protective soccer gear also needs to be washed and cleaned on a regular basis. If you want to prevent odor-casuing bacteria from building up on your shin pads then cleaning them regularly is the only way to achieve this. 

Save Money in the Long Run

Even if your shin pads are completely functional, it’s no fun to suit up with soccer protective gear that reeks. You’re much more likely to repurchase gear when it’s smelly and looks unkempt. Keeping shin pads clean and odor-free is the best way to ensure you’re spending less money on gear.

Shin Pad Cleaning Tips

Our best shin pad cleaning tips come from fellow soccer players like you. Just follow these tips, and you’ll be running on to the pitch with clean, fresh-smelling shin guards in no time.

Washing Machine

You can throw your shin guards in the washing machine, but you’ll need to do it carefully in order to avoid damage. Use the gentle cycle every time, and put them in a zipped-up pillowcase or delicates bag, so they don’t get scratched.

Scrub Your Shin Guards

For plastic shin guards, your best bet is to scrub them well with water to dislodge stuck-on dirt. Then, scrub them with a brush dipped into a mixture of water and vinegar or lemon juice, to help eliminate odors.

Dry Well

After washing shin pads in the washing machine or by hand, hang them outside to dry. Try and do this cleaning project on a day with plenty of sun. If you let them stay wet or damp and pack them away again, they’ll get moldy and develop some very unpleasant odors.

Use Spray Disinfectant

If you’re pressed for time, you can always use a spray disinfectant on your shin pads. Keep a bottle in your soccer equipment bag, so you can give your protective gear a quick spritz after every use. This helps to limit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. 

Clean Gear Lasts Longer

Don’t want to repurchase soccer equipment just because you can’t stand how it smells? Caring for your shin guards and other soccer protective gear is the only way to ensure odor-causing bacteria doesn’t build up, leading to unpleasant smells and gear that breaks down easily.

At Storelli, we understand how important soccer protective gear is, especially for youth players. It’s the first line of defense against injury, keeping you in the game long-term. Using our leg guards is a great way to boost leg protection while ensuring shin pads last longer. 

If you have any questions about how to care for any of your Storelli gear, our FAQ page is full of great resources.
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