5 Women's Soccer Documentaries We Hope to See on Netflix One Day

Aug 2, 2022

Women’s soccer has come a long way, and yet still, it still has a long way to go. From pay inequities to a lack of research on women’s soccer injuries, the superstars of women’s soccer remain on the sidelines compared to their male counterparts. 

However, some things are changing, and we hope other issues follow suit. We hope women players break these barriers down to create a bold new tomorrow for future generations. This post will examine speculative documentaries we’d love to see one day when current soccer issues become history. 

1. “Not On Your Turf” 

“Despite less than safe conditions, they were forced to play on artificial turf. But after a long battle for themselves and women’s soccer, the USWNT won the ultimate trophy - an equal right to play on grass.” 

The fight is over. After a long legal war with the U.S. Soccer Federation, the USWNT won a $22 million settlement and will now play their future games on grass. It’s a victory not just for safety and comfort but for equality in women’s soccer. It will be a milestone moment to see them play on a grass field in the 2023 World Cup. Then again, seeing their struggle to overcome the gap and set the stage for the next generation of women, in a documentary form, would mean much more. 

2. “Head On: Tackling Women’s Soccer Concussion Problem” 

“What happens to women soccer players who suffer concussions? After years of having no answers, a team of brave researchers has finally discovered some troubling yet enlightening clues.” 

Soccer concussion research has progressed significantly - when talking about brain injury in men. We know now that women players have a higher risk of brain injury, and their symptom progression differs from men. Soccer concussion headgear can protect them just like their male counterparts, but without sufficient research, we’ll never fully know how to protect women. Hopefully, this changes in the future, and the next generation better understands their risk. 

3. “Diving High”  

“Generations of women superstars in soccer earned barely livable salaries. Then a new generation said “enough” was not - and changed history.”  

The pay gap is the most prominent topic in soccer inequality. A rookie in a male soccer league can secure a multimillion-dollar contract; a rookie in a women’s league is lucky to earn a few tens of thousands. But recently, a game-changing and historic moment came via new headlines: “U.S. Soccer and Women’s Players Agree to Settle Equal Pay Lawsuit.” Yes, the USWNT recently won another settlement in their campaign against inequality - this time, to get paid what men do. Wouldn’t their fight to make this happen make for an amazing documentary? We’re sure it would. 

4. “The Perfect Pitch” 

“From armored crop-tops to female-specific undershirts, there’s a world of women’s soccer protective gear that few know about. These are the products and the makers behind them.” 

We’re going to make an assumption and say that most soccer fans and players know little about women’s soccer protective gear - women included. It’s not to say you see this gear mentioned in FIFA’s guidelines for equipment or even on the pitch itself.  The world needs to know about other kinds of women’s soccer protective gear. A documentary of this sort would showcase the equipment, how companies make them and how this gear keeps these women safe. And yes, it would allow manufacturers like Storelli to shine;).

5. “Women of the Matches” 

“Dunn. Fowler. Balcer. The wunderkinds of women’s soccer remove their game faces in a tell-all series about reaching extraordinary heights in the sport.” 

If women’s soccer continues to become the draw it now is, the stories behind the women who make the game so big need to be heard. Their triumphs, tribulations, and trophies would inspire the next generation of women soccer players to strive for success and excellence. Also, the skills, strategies, and stats that make them so talented should be on display. But it could be fun too, and reveal their humanity as well. A series of the sort would be ideal as a mini-series or a full-blown series since there’s a ton of talent to cover. 

Greenlit: Women’s Soccer Documentaries That Should Get Made

Women’s soccer is undergoing some major historical developments, exciting ones at that. The landscape will look different in a few short years, and we’re excited to see how the next generation becomes a more inclusive and equal playing field. Of course, the past players' struggles are driving these changes. 

And these stories need preservation, and we need to share them. Let’s celebrate these milestones and inform future generations of women’s soccer players about those who fought for their rights. These documentaries would be worth much more than material for a weekend binge-watching. 

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