Here’s Why We Make Women’s Protective Soccer

Jun 1, 2022

Women in soccer have long faced an uphill battle regarding pay and recognition, and prevention of specific injuries. Only in recent years are women-specific injuries coming to light. Here at Storelli, we have dedicated our efforts to creating protective soccer gear for women. This post will look at our motivations for doing and the products we have made. 

Inequality in Women’s Soccer Also Means More Injuries

The main reason we have devoted so much time and effort to developing women’s soccer protective gear is inequality. The cold hard truth is that women soccer players face inequalities regarding injury management and research. 

Women are more likely to face specific injuries than men for various reasons. Worst, there are fewer procedures to manage these injuries and less available research to create such procedures. That puts women in soccer at a greater risk for certain damages. 

Soccer Injuries that Commonly Afflict Women

Due to Anatomical Differences (Leg Injuries)

Due to a broader Q-angle and hormonal fluctuations, women face a higher rate of lower leg injuries in soccer. These injuries include the dread ACL tear, knee hyperextensions, muscle sprains, and other damages. Also, upper body injuries such as breast injuries can affect players who take hard shots or blows to the chest. Much of the soccer protective gear and conditioning drills don’t address these injuries women face. 

Due to Inequities in Playing Field (Turf-Burns)

After years of battling FIFA regulations, the USWNT will finally get to play on grass at the 2023 World Cup. Although that’s soon coming, most women in soccer must play on artificial turf. Grass isn’t an option yet. 

The problem with turf is that it contributes to worse injuries - knee injuries alone happen 40% more on turf than on grass. Players often land or plant their feet poorly on turf (compared to grass), leading to ACL tears and more strain on the body overall. Artificial turf is abrasive to the skin, and sliding on it can lead to turf burn injuries, which can get infected. 

Playing on artificial turf puts more strain on the body, and unfortunately, women often go without adequate protection and conditioning. 

Due to a Lack of Research (Concussions) 

Researchers are slowly uncovering new insights about concussions and the mechanisms behind them. The problem, though, is that most concussion research involves men. The effects of concussions on women aren’t yet as well understood as on men, and that’s an issue because evidence shows that women experience differences in concussion effects. Women are also more likely to sustain a concussion due to their anatomy (mainly from thinner/weaker neck muscles). 

A Look at Women’s Soccer Protective Gear We Produce

As you can see above, women who play the beautiful game face more inequities, both physically and from the leagues they play for. The switch from artificial turf to grass is a massive step in the right direction for women’s safety in the sport. 

But it will take time before grass is an option for all women. Also, it will take some time before research into soccer injuries such as concussions in women receive adequate investigation. Here at Storelli, we’ve taken a proactive approach to equip women with the gear they’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. 

Women’s Armoured Crop Tops

A white protective storelli crop top for women soccer players.

Armored crop tops are an underrated and overlooked piece of women’s soccer protective gear. They contain padding that helps absorb impact forces around the ribs and chest. This type of protective gear can help women minimize the risk of breast injuries.

Women’s Slider Shorts

Black storelli sliding shorts for women

Soccer sliders can cushion the impact of blows to the legs sustained through tackling or sliding. They feature heavy-duty materials that absorb impact forces so that you can avoid common leg injuries. 

Women’s Leggings

Black storelli anti-turf burn leggings for women

Soccer leggings offer virtually complete protection for the legs against dreaded turf burn. Equipped with anti-abrasion materials, our soccer leggings protect the hips, knees, and side of calves from turf burn caused by sliding on hard surfaces like artificial turf. 

Soccer Concussion Headguard  

Black soccer concussion headguard

Our ExoShield soccer concussion headguard has been shown to reduce the rate of head injuries by 84% by Virginia Tech’s Helmet Study. It may not prevent all concussive force, but it can make head impacts far less severe. 

Although not specifically made for women, we recommend that young women consider wearing a soccer concussion headgaurd since they may have higher risk factors. 

Our Hope for the Future of Women’s Soccer 

Our mission is to ensure that women (and men) can play the beautiful game with the lowest risk of injury possible. We produce women’s soccer protective gear that keeps women at the amateur and professional levels safe to perform like the superstars they are. Of course, this is a short-term goal. 

We hope to see a near future where women can play in the same safe environment that men currently enjoy. And we want nothing more than to be contributors to that future. 

Need protective equipment for the lower body and chest? Browse through our line of soccer protective gear for women!
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