The Most Important Gear in a Goalkeeper's Kit

Aug 11, 2023

Soccer is an attractive game for its simplicity—it’s easy and fun to start playing. But when you start playing organized soccer, you need much more gear quickly, especially as a goalkeeper, because the goalkeeper in soccer is an intense position. When you play goalie, you're the last line of defense for your team, and to stand up to the challenge, you’ll  want to come to the pitch in the right gear.

Why do goalkeepers need a different kit?

Everyone on the team has a kit of gear they must use—the basic gear kit, all of which a goalkeeper will also operate. But to play the unique and vital role, soccer goalie gear must adapt to the goalkeeper's needs.

To stand out from the team 

Watching soccer, it’s easy to pick out the goalkeepers from the rest of the team. Usually, they wear a different color jersey. This requirement allows referees to pick them out of the crowd quickly, as goalkeepers play by a different set of rules to the team. 

It’s also essential that their teammates (and players on the other team) can easily pick the goalkeeper out of the crowd, so they can make crucial decisions based on where such an essential team member might be.

Protective gear 

Soccer is a contact sport, but goalkeepers are in a unique position. They’re regularly expected to catch and deflect high-speed balls and slide or dive to new positions to make difficult saves. 

Not only that, they're the only players who can touch the ball with their hands. The goalkeeper is at the most risk of injury out of the team and needs more protection, especially in places the rest of the team doesn't have to worry about. So, in addition to the basic soccer kit, goalkeepers need to add a few things to their kit to play safely.

Soccer goalkeeper kit: everything you need  

Now that you know why the goalkeeper's gear is so different from the rest of the team, let's review the most necessary equipment for a goalkeeper.

Standard soccer gear

Every goalkeeper should have the essential soccer gear in all players' kits. You can only play with gear like soccer cleats, training clothes, shin guards, and high socks. Remember to bring a water bottle.

A goalkeeper's jersey

A soccer goalie jersey sets the goalkeeper apart from the rest of the team and is the most famous protective soccer gear. The goalkeeper is focused on saving the ball, and sometimes that means taking big leaps and strategic dives.

Some goalie jerseys are strategically armored with padding to protect the goalkeeper from injuries without impeding movement. Letting the goalkeeper move freely and confidently can be the difference between fumbling the ball and game-saving plays.

With moisture-wicking fabric and padded impact resistance, a quality goalkeeper's jersey can keep the goalie comfortable and in the game at their best.

Goalie protective headgear

Protective gear becomes necessary to prevent injury, with the goalkeeper often finding themselves (or purposefully placing themselves) in the ball's path. The most critical injuries to avoid are to the head.

Soccer goalie helmets may not be common practice, but new studies show modern head protection's effectiveness. Recent advancements in technology and design have brought protective headgear onto the market that is sleek and comfortable to wear in play.

While nothing is more important in preventing head injuries than coaching and technique on the field, concussions remain a concern in soccer. Protective headbands like the Storelli ExoShield Head Guard are top-rated for protection in the area and are a valuable addition to any goalkeeper's kit.

Goalkeeper gloves

As the only player on the team allowed to touch the ball with their hands, a goalkeeper's grip is essential. Soccer goalie gloves protect the goalkeeper's hands from abrasions and impact injuries and help them grip and secure the ball for their team. A goalkeeper's gloves might be the most important piece of equipment in their kit and are absolutely necessary to play goalie.

Sliding shorts

Sliding shorts are padded compression shorts that fit underneath the goalkeeper's uniform to add another layer of protection. They’re designed to protect the legs from traction injuries and padded to protect the goalkeeper while diving or sliding on the ground. They may not be essential, but protecting the player from unnecessary injury can keep them safe on the field and at their athletic peak.

Mouth guard

The mouth guard is a necessary piece of gear for safety on the pitch. Along with other accessories, such as additional arm guards and leg guards, a soccer goalie's kit can include all the tools to keep them safe from injury and playing confidently. 

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