Face Shields Won’t Stop The Spread of COVID-19. But Here’s What Will…

Jan 11, 2021

Navigating COVID-19: Why Face Shields Are Not The Answer

Many essential workers, especially those in the healthcare, restaurant and retail industries, had to get used to wearing adequate PPE supplies throughout the pandemic. With COVID-19 on the minds of everyone, wearing protective masks indoors and outdoors became the norm quite quickly. 

While doctors and nurses have been required to wear surgical PPE in various situations during their careers, needing to wear them for 8+ hours a day straight can be unbearable, regardless of your profession. We’ve all seen the eye-opening social media posts of healthcare workers showing the marks that PPE left on their faces during the worst waves of the pandemic. 

As the realities of wearing protective gear to protect against COVID-19 came to the forefront, the transparent face shield was invented to mitigate discomfort. While these supplies were welcomed by many weary frontline workers, medical experts were not sold on their efficiency. 

Studies Suggest a Face Shield Is Not a Good Substitute for Masks in the Workplace

These transparent barriers may look sufficient but according to many experiments carried out by medical professionals that is not the case. 

As we have heard many times, the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is airborne meaning it spreads quickly through actions such as coughing, sneezing, and talking. Once an infected person releases droplets that contain the virus into the air, these droplets become suspended and can be inhaled by others. 

It’s best to visualize this similar to an aerosol or a cigarette. When you spray an aerosol or exhale smoke, you may point it in a particular direction but you can’t control the direction of the mist itself. Now, look at the design of a face shield. This protective piece of equipment sits away from the face and has gaps at the bottom and sides. Droplets can still travel through these gaps and either be expelled into the air or inhaled from it. 

This is why medical experts suggest that a face shield that’s worn on its own as a barrier method won’t work. In fact, the CDC recommends against doing this and claims that wearing a cloth mask that sits close to the face is a lot more effective at protecting yourself and others from infection. 

But What Does That Mean For Those Who Find Wearing Cloth PPE Unbearable?

As a frontline worker, it is understandable if you are fed up wearing cloth PPE that feels restricting, hot, and most of all like you can’t breathe properly. It is safe to say that many people have felt the same on many occasions over the last year. But, you don’t have to settle to the fate of wearing an uncomfortable mask for hours on end. 

There are alternatives such as the PowerAir breathable mask insert that allows you to stay comfortable while continuing to work at full capacity. This insert can be worn inside any approved mask. The insert is adjustable meaning it will fit easily to your nose and face shape while also preventing your mask from collapsing on your face. 

Unlike other face masks, this insert improves breathability and comfort by lifting the material away from the face and preventing any CO2 from being reinhaled meaning you get a fresh air supply throughout your working day without compromising on compliance with health guidelines.  

PowerAir Breathable Mask Insert: Providing Added Comfort

Whether you are on the frontlines caring for COVID-19 patients in a hospital or doing your duty of serving citizens in your local grocery store, you don’t have to settle for a mask that is anything but comfortable and safe. 

Looking to breathe more comfortably with your mask? The PowerAir breathable mask insert is the solution for you. Shop the PowerAir face mask insert today!
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