2 DIY Hacks Goalkeepers Should Avoid & What to Do Instead

Jun 19, 2024

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re the next Donnarumma or Becker, you’ll have the odd “butterfinger moment”. Or two. Whether it’s a ball slipping out of your hands or throwing an off-centered lob, your gloves might be the reason for these faux-pas. 

There are two DIY hacks goalkeepers use to keep their gloves grippy, so these mistakes don’t happen. And we’re here to tell you this: don’t try them at home (or on the pitch)! They might wear out your gloves even faster— and some just look plain silly. 

1. Using Vaseline to Restore Goalie Glove Grip 

Vaseline does wonders for chapped lips, and apparently, for dried-out goalie gloves as well. It functions as a sealant, repelling grime and water, which increases glove grip, especially in wet conditions. 

Andre Onana swears by it, and his use of the jelly even got him some coverage by ESPN and The New York Times. When teased about his use of vaseline, he responded: “You laugh, but trust me, it works! My grip has never been better.” 

Image Source: The Athletic 

Apparently, other GOAT keepers concur—Manuel Neuer and Jordon Pickford slobber some good old petroleum jelly on their gloves before a match. 

But Vaseline is far from perfect. It can clog glove pores, drying it out and making the latex surface brittle. Ironically, that can reduce grip (since grippy palms are naturally wet), and shorten the glove’s lifespan.

So, our advice on Vaseline? Keep it the bathroom cabinet.

2. Pouring Gatorade on Goalie Gloves

Ah, Gatorade—its just water with flavor and color, right? Some goalkeepers douse their gloves with it because it makes the palms sticky, which can enhance grip to some extent. 

The problem with Gatorade though, is its key ingredients—the sugar and dyes— can be kryptonite for your gloves. They may leave sticky residues behind, that attract dirt and actually reduce grip. And if you care about appearances, stay far away from using Gatorade —the dye can leave stains that are a pain to remove. 

So please, save the Gatorade to quench your thirst. Or at least, save it to shower your coach after winning a championship.

Better Ways to Keep Goalie Gloves Grippy

We understand that Vaseline and Gatorade are low-cost, low-effort hacks. You just need to drop $20 at your nearest convenience store and you’re golden. But considering how both of them can cause damage in the long run, it’s better to use glove-friendly products and solutions. They can restore grip and tackiness without causing premature wear-and-tear.

Storelli-Approved Goalie Glove Hacks

  • Glove Spray A formulated spray like GloveGlu, is designed to restore tackiness in glove palms. You just apply the spray for a few seconds, and the palms will acquire a newfound stickiness. No stains. No dryed out latex.  
  • Wash them ProperlyHow you wash and care for your gloves also affects their grip. Fortunately, it’s simple. Wash them with mild soap and warm water by hand, and let them dry away from strong heat sources like radiators or the sun. Oh, and never put them in a washing machine or dryer. 
  • Buy Tackier GlovesWhen it comes to grip, some goalie gloves are just doomed from the beginning, so avoid them. Here at Storelli, you’ll find the majority of our goalie gloves are lined with high-grade, German latex which provides superior grip and protection. This type of latex is also more durable, so it won’t wear out as fast. 


If we were you, we’d apply all three of the above-mentioned points. Get yourself premium gloves, spray them with a glove-specific spray, and wash and dry them gently. 

Get the Most Grip Without Destroying Your Gloves

Yes, these cheap hacks can temporarily restore some grip in your goalie gloves. But don’t buy into the hype—you might do more damage than good. Modern soccer gloves are marvels of engineering, but they’re still delicate. 

So be careful what you do with them. Only opt for goalie glove approved hacks, not the DIY stuff you might see on YouTube or TikTok. That way, you can truly extend the lifespan of any gloves you own, without wrecking them. 

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