Youth: How Your Kid's Goalkeeping Style Influences their Performance Needs

Apr 2, 2021

From the outside, the goalkeeper position seems pretty straightforward. Do whatever you can to stop the ball from going into the net. Obviously, there is a lot more to it than that, and serious fans of the game can point out many variations in the styles of goalkeeper play. 

In this post, we’ll look at the three common goalkeeper styles and discuss the characteristics of each, along with the best youth soccer goalie gloves for each type of play. 

Three Styles of Goalkeeper

The role of the goalkeeper has changed significantly in the last few decades. No more a passive position, waiting for the ball. Modern goalkeepers are proactive, ball intercepting machines still tasked with the all-important role of guarding the net. 

In general, goalkeepers can be divided into three categories: shot-blockers, ball-playing keepers, and sweeper keepers. Here are a few characteristics of each:


This style is the fundamental, essential keeper role - to block the shots and prevent the opposing team from scoring a goal. If goalkeeping had one job, this would be it. Most goalies spend a lot of time training on stopping shots and the various techniques that go into it. Do you parry, do you catch? To be successful at shot-blocking, you need to have speed, power, know how to read the field to position yourself and work on your diving ability. 

Most successful goalies are excellent shot-blockers. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be much of a point. Some of the best of the best include Jan Oblak from Atletico Madrid, who has some of the best footwork and positioning in the world and who makes making saves look easy. 

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Ball-Playing Keepers

Ball-playing Keepers are a relatively new phenomenon, which means the goalkeepers use their feet to pass the ball to teammates to start the attacks and influence the plays. It means goalkeepers have to know how to make calls under pressure and handle the ball, so they are more involved in training sessions with the whole team.  

One of the most well-known goalkeepers with an exceptional ball-playing style is Manchester City's Ederson Moraes. He’s known for his powerful control of the ball over long and short passes that help turn defensive plays into attacks.  

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Sweeper Keepers

Some goalies stay in net, others act like sweepers for their team by rushing the opposing team and acting as an additional defender. These are sweeper goalkeepers known for their ability to stop a shot, their skill and speed with a ball, and their ability to manage passes and help their team with a solid defensive line. 

Sarah Bouhaddi, who plays for the French National Team, has excellent reflexes and amazing footwork with an amazing ability to play off the goal line with her feet. She was also named best goalkeeper in the world by IFHHS in 2016.

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Reminders for All Types of Keepers

Whether you’re a sweeper-keeper or a shot-blocker, it is essential to choose comfortable and effective safety gear to maximize your playing ability and protect you from injuries. 

Don’t worry about your goalkeeping style. Focus on training and the basics and let it emerge as your skills develop.

Focus your training on being a well-rounded keeper. Regardless of your style of performance, the ability to handle a ball, stop a shot and set up a play will help your team. 

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