Why You Should Own Two Pairs of Goalie Gloves at Once

Aug 24, 2023

You’ve probably heard before you should own two pairs of goalie gloves at once, not just one. That might sound like a clever ploy from a company trying to part ways with your money, but the opposite is true. owning two pairs of goalie gloves at once can actually save you money. 

With two sets on rotation, you extend the lifespan of each individual pair simply because you’re not overusing one. Also, you get to switch between gloves depending on game or practice conditions. 


1. Switching goalie gloves helps maintain grip in each pair 

    Goalie gloves with superior grip provide better ball control. Having better ball control as a goalkeeper helps make you a more effective one. Of course, the more often you use a pair of gloves, the faster it loses its tackiness, making it harder to catch and hold the ball. Alternating between a pair of gloves prevents overuse of one pair, slowing down a loss of tackiness. 


    2. Switching gloves increases overall longevity of each glove

    Grip isn’t the only thing a glove loses when it's worn out. The stitching, punch zones and other components start to come loose as well. That naturally leads to an ugly-looking glove, but performance goes downhill too. 

    Tears and holes could form, allowing water and debris to enter and further damaging the gloves. Padding thins out and makes shot blocking harder on the hands. Even wrist straps may wear out and become less effective at securing the gloves on your hand. 

    Again, swapping gloves lets you rely on one set less often, meaning less wear-and-tear. 


    3. Switching between practices and games further reduces wear-and-tear

      Aside from wear-and-tear, having two pairs of gloves lets you take advantage of unique features one individual set has compared to others. For example, some gloves provide superior comfort and finger protection. That glove may be great during practices, but may not be ideal for actual games where finger mobility and ball control matters more. A glove built with tackier leather might be a better option. 

      The fix? Keep two pairs of gloves on hand, one better suited for your practices and another for your games. When you need to focus on a particular aspect of your game, you can switch to the glove that best suits that skill or conditioning. 

      Using goalie gloves for this reason also ensures that either pair lasts as long as possible for their intended purpose. 


      4. Switching Helps Minimize Glove Damage Caused by Weather Conditions

        Don’t underestimate what the forecast can mean for goalie gloves. Weather conditions have an effect on your gloves, especially when precipitation is in the mix. Some glove materials will absorb water and get heavy, making them less flexible and comfortable. 

        Also, excessive water makes the palms slicker and slippery, which reduces grip. If your favorite pair of gloves loses efficacy in wet weather, then it’s a good idea to have an extra pair on hand. Of course, some goalie gloves repel water, so they don’t lose grip and get bulky in wet conditions. 


        How to Choose Two Pairs of Goalie Gloves

        When choosing two pairs of goalie gloves, look for ones that complement each other and offer benefits the other pair doesn’t have. 

        For example, you can keep a pair of gloves that provides more cushioning and comfort, and then another that offers more grip. Or, perhaps you like the fit and feel of a negative-cut glove but prefer the performance of a hybrid cut. Get both. You can choose the pair you feel most comfortable with for specific practices or game conditions. 


        Two Pairs of Gloves Beats One

        Here’s an added benefit of owning two pairs of gloves at once—you get to acquaint yourself with more fit and style at once. Normally, you’d wait for your sole pair to wear out, and then you’d buy another style (if you didn’t like the first). Owning two pairs makes the search for an ideal fit easier, because you’ll stumble upon the best one sooner. 

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