Our Top Choices for Soccer Goalie Gloves 2022

Apr 25, 2022

Storelli Goalie Gloves

Choosing your (or your kid’s) ideal pair of goalie gloves can seem like a tall order, especially when faced with dozens of choices. The right choice is largely subjective, but some goalie gloves are a better “fit” than others regardless of a keeper’s age and experience level. This post will highlight some of Storelli’s goalie gloves and make recommendations based on factors such as performance and comfort. 

  1. Gladiator Pro 3 Soccer Goalie Gloves 

Silencer Menace Soccer Goalie Gloves

More time spent on the pitch means more shot-blocking and diving, which means more wear-and-tear on soccer goalie gloves. 

Goalkeepers who play at a high volume and intensity need soccer goalie gloves that can withstand the long-term effects of high impact. Also, the grip of goalie gloves declines with repeated use, so keepers need gloves that maintain their grip over a long period. 

One of our top-selling gloves, the Gladiator Pro 3, is best for goalkeepers with grueling and rigorous schedules. They contain materials and construction that make them more durable. Among them includes a reinforced backhand and German latex on the palm. Our Version 3.0 even features unaltered German Contact foam.  

Additional Gladiator Pro Features 

  • Negative cut with roll thumbs
  • Removable finger spines 
  • 3mm impact foam + 3.5mm German latex
  • Wrist-strap for extra comfort
  • Textured polybutylene punch zones for increased ball control
  1. Gladiator Elite 3 Soccer Goalie Gloves

Silencer Menace Soccer Goalie Gloves

Most goalkeepers will benefit by balancing finger protection, good grip, and hand flexibility. Many soccer goalie gloves maximize one feature over the other, meaning that keepers sacrifice one aspect of performance for another. 

Developing goalies typically need goalkeeper gloves that offer a blend of these features. They’re often in a transitional period of leveling up “novice” skills to “advanced” levels, not to mention that they might be unlearning some poor technique that causes injury. That calls for goalie gloves that offer a balance of mobility, grip, and protection. 

Our Gladiator Elite 3 goalie gloves tick off all the boxes. They contain 3.5 mm of our proprietary Super-Soft Storelli latex, which increases flexibility and grip. We’ve included five finger saves to minimize the risk of jamming your fingers for protection. 

Additional Gladiator Elite Goalie Gloves

  • Flat palm cut with roll-thumb 
  • Embossed palm (for extra flexibility)
  • 3mm of impact foam + 3.5mm Super-Soft premium latex + 3mm of latex for back-hand
  1. Silencer Menace Soccer Goalie Gloves 

Silencer Menace Soccer Goalie Gloves

Advanced and pro goalkeepers are different beasts altogether. They need a contradictory combination of hard-surfaced durability and lightweight flexibility. They need the durability for the high-impact shots and saves, but the flexibility to make those blocks effortlessly. 

At this level finding the perfect soccer goalie gloves can get tricky. It largely means trying on different fits to find the right one. Fortunately, we’ve got a pair of goalkeeper gloves that advanced and elite keepers agree is a good fit.

Enter our Silencer Menace. These gloves bridge the gap between durability and flexibility. The Silence Menace contains pro-grade German latex, a ribbed backhand paired with a long-cut, tight fit in a featherweight package. It also provides impact protection and superior palm control due to its palm padding and textured punch zones. 

Additional Features of the Silencer Menace Goalie Gloves 

  • Roll Negative Hybrid cut
  • Five removable finger spines (for each glove)
  • 3mm of shock-absorbing foam/padding
  • Mesh finger and backhand panels (for increased breathability) 

Better Goalie Gloves for a Better Goalkeeper

Ultimately, the skills (and training) make a goalkeeper a beast on the pitch. Those acrobatic saves and epic goal-stopping abilities come from your 10,000 hours of training. But wearing the right soccer goalie gloves can help you unlock more from your performance. These three goalkeeper gloves offer the best grip, flexibility, comfort, and ball control. If you’re looking to level up your performance, these are the goalie gloves you want. 

Need a pair of goalie gloves for the goal line? Browse through our selection of goalkeeper gloves to find the right fit and style!

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