The Truth About How Much #INJURIESSUCK

Jul 21, 2015


As soccer players ourselves, we know how much getting injured sucks. Hell, we’d rather have the FBI knock on our door because of our BitTorrent habit than get a head injury and sit out 2-3 games. So we’re launching our #INJURIESSUCK campaign this summer to bring to life that soccer players hate being hurt more than just about everything.

Leveraging the enormous universe of soccer fans on social media, our #INJURIESSUCK video captures how soccer players really feel about getting injured. Sure, there’s the physical pain of soccer injuries. But even worse is the psychological torture of sitting on the sidelines and watching your team play without you. If players are really honest, their thoughts about injuries are pretty raw. And by raw, we mean, hilarious


The video invites you to enter a contest to win free head-to-toe soccer protection gear for you and 10 of your friends.

We’re asking every soccer player on the planet to share their honest thoughts on how sucky getting injured sucks. The player who sends us the funniest thought or video on social media - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter - with the hashtag #INJURIESSUCK could win free gear for themselves and 10 of their friends. Bascially, the line that cracks everybody up the most here at Storelli, wins!

Laughing helps the pain go away. To enter, please adhere to the contest rules and regulations on our Terms & Conditions page. 

Entries close August 15, 2015

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