Storelli Presents: The Girl with the Dangerously Accurate Left Foot

May 16, 2017

Introducing the first in a series of Q&A features, that asks the collaborators behind our Women's BodyShield Line about their Secret Weapons.

Name: Kristie Mewis
Current team: Washington Spirit
Position: Midfielder

Kristie Mewis has had a strong passion for soccer since a child, and her unrelenting dedication has taken her to the top of her game. Playing for top teams including The US Women’s National Soccer Team and the Boston Breakers, she’s ready to take it to the next level with the Washington Spirit.

Kristie wears Storelli’s latest BodyShield Women's Series and talks to us about the constant challenges she’s faced during her career. Between injuries and other hidden setbacks, she’s coming out on top and offers inspiration to everyone around her.

What Inspired You To Start Playing Soccer?

I got into soccer at a very young age, around 4 or 5 years old. I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts and my mom and dad were both athletes so as a family we grew up playing and competing together.

My sister and I started playing club soccer, going through all the youth and national team programs including college, and now we both play professionally. My sister and I have very different strengths. She’s very good tactically and technically, whereas I’m really good at shooting and attacking. We’re completely different players.

What Helped You To Keep Improving Yourself And Your Game?

I fell in love with soccer from the first time I kicked a ball. I was out in the backyard all the time and when my sister Sam was old enough we tore that place apart. We’d spend hours and hours out there until our parents yelled at us to come inside.

But ultimately what kept me going was this absolute love for soccer and the desire to get to the national team. That inner push made me work really hard and be very determined over the years – I guess we both had that athletic drive from a very young age.

It’s left me with a pure competitiveness for everything, which is really ingrained in me. I even compete with everyday little things. It’s just one of those things: that I want to be the best at everything I do. I think it’s a really special quality to have because it helps me on the field and off too.

How Does Soccer Affect You On And Off The Pitch?

On the field I’m very focused. You have to stay focused on what’s happening all the time by reading the plays and watching what could happen next. That’s helped me off the field too because in everyday life I always know what I have to do. When I have something to get done - I have tunnel vision.

What Is Your #SecretWeapon?

On the field, I would say my secret weapon is my left foot because I can shoot really well. It’s dangerously accurate and that’s because I spent all those years with my sister in the backyard just ripping shots against the fence.

Off the field, I think I would be described as a very dramatic and extreme person – but in a good way – because I think that everything I do, I take very seriously. Maybe a little too seriously but I think it's a good trait to have because that’s what you need to get things done and succeed in life. So I try to make it a good thing.

Remember though, it’s always good to make a safe play, but the real game-changers and game-makers are those that try something a little extreme or dramatic. So I try to bring that to the field as something that separates me from everybody else.

What Are The Hidden Challenges You Face?

As an athlete, my everyday life is very intense for certain hours and then relaxed for the rest. And when I came out of college I struggled to understand how to be a true professional because an athlete must realise that your body is your job.

That means being disciplined and ready to sacrifice things that seem normal to everyone else, like going shopping instead of resting after practice. You can’t do that. You have to stick to your routine and put your body first.

I want this year to be a break-out year for me. I cannot wait to start it and I’m going to go all in to make it stand out for me. Looking back over the past two years I feel that I have been dealing with injuries and confidence issues that have set me back. Even though I’m good at hiding them, this year I feel really good about myself and my experience will help me because I know now what it takes to reach the top.

What’s Important To You In Choosing Gear?

Now that so many more games are being played on turf it’s more important than ever to protect yourself because of turf burns and other injuries. Hips, knees, shins – they can get really scrapped up through constant fouls so protection is really important to me.

Comfort and looks are also important though – the material needs to be thin, and move with your body without having to adjust it all the time. The looks play a role in confidence which affects your game – look good, feel good, play good as the saying goes.

Thankfully things are getting better now because women’s soccer is legit. There was a time when we had to wear men’s kit but now we have gear designed for our bodies, and that’s a big change.

Remember there are a lot of strong women out there and the protection that Storelli gear can give me will keep me comfortable and not worry about getting hit, or sliding. I like to know I can do what I want on the pitch and pay for it later.

What Advice Do You Have For Young Female Players?

I’m thankful for the female athletes in the past who paved the way for myself and other women. If I were to give advice to young players I would say that you obviously have to have goals and dreams, but more than that you need to really commit to those goals. You have to put all your eggs in one basket and just go for it. You can’t be half in and half out. As I mentioned before I knew what I wanted since I was 5 years old, and nothing was going to stop me aiming for that national team position.

Practically speaking I think weight training and strength training from a young age helps to create good training habits for yourself. If you think you should go outside and do an extra running or shooting session, you should do it, don’t skip it. Don’t skip anything. Go above and beyond all time.


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