The All-New Women's BodyShield Series

Apr 12, 2017

Full disclosure, it took us a little while to get here.

The past few years we’ve obsessed about designing products that push the boundaries of athletic apparel. Our goal— design protective and performance gear that truly allows soccer players to get the most out of themselves, to be in ‘the zone,' without the worry of injuries or being held back.

We never really set out to create products just for men or just for women which is why many of our key products equip all players. However, one thing we kept hearing from some of the best players we know— "Can you create a line of soccer gear focused specifically on the needs of female soccer players?"

Meaning, not compromising on fit, comfort or performance and, most importantly, not making it any less stealth or cool looking. Basically, it was time to design a line of badass soccer apparel for female soccer players that addressed the needs of the modern game— faster, smarter, more technical and played on turf or rough surfaces. No compromise.

We took this challenge to heart and are proud to introduce our first Women's BodyShield Series— for outfielders and goalkeepers alike. We used top-notch materials to achieve a lightweight and breathable line with lots of technical details.

Sorry it took so long, we wanted to make it extra awesome.

Created in Brooklyn, NY with blue sky thinking

Some features and benefits you may like: 

BodyShield Abrasion Leggings made exclusively for soccer with a Built-in Shin Guard Pocket

We didn't create this in a vacuum. We enlisted top athletes to create and launch our latest line of Secret Weapons with us. 

Featured athletes:

  • Kristie Mewis, Creative Midfielder and Co-Creator at Sporting Chic
  • Rocky Rodriguez, Unpredictable Midfielder, '16 Rookie of the Year
  • Skye Cowie, Soccer Freestyler and Creator
  • Shawna Gordon, Visionary Midfielder and Creator at Kicks to the Pitch
  • Annie Greenberg, Flashy Striker, Editor at Large for Refinery29

And we asked them to share their own tips and Secret Weapons with you. 

Over the weeks to come we’ll be sharing some of their personal insights, and we encourage you to become part of the conversation.

Your input on what your personal Secret Weapons are and your honest feedback on our new line will help us push the boundaries of performance apparel and build an arsenal of insights for the next soccer generation.

FIND #YourSecretWeapon
Protection against impact, turf burns and excuses

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