How to Optimize Your Adidas Predator 18+ with SpeedGrip® Insoles

Jul 13, 2018

Tab off.

When boot makers graced us with the first-ever high-collared boot, it changed the soccer cleat game forever. Not only were they a never-before-seen style, but it introduced new functionality to help lock your ankle in. So, when Adidas decided to introduce a high-collared silo to the laceless ace 16+, jaws dropped.

Fast-forward to present day soccer mayhem, boots don't get much better than the revival of the iconic Adidas Predator silo.

For some, however, fear of playing in laceless boots has to do with the worries of any potential slippage of your foot while making sudden movements. One option is to buy the lower-tiered model that has laces, but then, you lose the barefoot feel of playing with laceless boots.

Optimizing your Adidas Predator 18+ with SpeedGrip® insoles markedly improves your foot control.

The solution? SpeedGrip® Insoles. Just do us all a favor. Cut the tab off. The high collar aesthetic will likely be bothersome when combined with the SpeedGrip® insole heel cup. The easy fix is just to cut it. The high-collared boot is enough to take care of that locked-in feel.

The Adidas Predator 18+ & SpeedGrip® - A Perfect Match for the Pitch

Moreover, the Adidas Predator 18+ weighs roughly 7.4 oz, and as light, as that seems, is still on the heavier side when it comes to boots out on the market these days. SpeedGrip® is a great supplement to your boot’s weight, offering optimal traction and making you feel like you have on lightest boots on the market! No wonder it Adidas has given it the accompanying headline, “Master Control”.

SpeedGrip® insoles are lightweight yet highly suitable for maneuvers that require superior foot control.

SpeedGrip® insoles combined with Adidas Predators is a winning combination.

Whether you are a midfield maestro, a goal-scorer prowess, or a brick-wall defender, don’t just master your control with Adidas Predator 18+, master your traction too. Add SpeedGrip® to your boots.  

One condition, though. Tab off. SHOP SPEEDGRIP® INSOLES today.


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