Going Head-to-Head: Storelli Concussion Gear Versus Everyone Else

Sep 16, 2022

We've said this before, and we'll say it again not all soccer concussion gear is made equal. One of our biggest triumphs (and bragging points) has been the superior make and ratings of our very own Storelli headguard. But we have competitors, and you may wonder how our gear compares to theirs. This post will compare our headgear with our rivals. 

Storelli ExoShield 

Our ExoShield soccer concussion headguard came out on top when tested in a Virginia Tech Helmet lab study. It scored the highest among twenty-two concussion headgear models after researchers tested it against impact forces that resemble real impacts in soccer. It's also a favorite in the big leagues the likes of Wayne Rooney and Bethany Balcer tout it as a gamechanger for keeping their brains safe. 

Lab Findings: The ExoShield covers 70% of the head, give or take, and researchers found it could reduce concussion risk by 84% - the highest reduction at the time of its testing. This earned it a five-star rating in terms of safety. 

Material:  Our ExoShield contains military-grade material —Team Wendy® Zorbium® Foam — used in helmets for the U.S. Army, Navy and Marine Corps. This material protects against blast forces and rotational head acceleration, the latter contributing to concussions. 

Fit: At only eight ounces, the ExoShield is almost weightless, giving it an ultralight feel that's barely noticeable while worn. 

Safety Certifications: The ExoShield is the only soccer concussion headguard with an ASTM certification. That means it's the only headguard on the market that meets international safety standards. 

Design: We designed the ExoShield to look sleek and more like a high-end headband than a clunky helmet. It still covers most of the head yet can be worn under the hair. 

Amazon Reviews:  Currently boasts a 4.6/5

Price:  $59.99

Full90 FN1™ 

Full90™ is a San Diego-based manufacturer of soccer concussion headguards. They hit the market during the early 2000s and have produced and sold three headguard models — the Select, Premier, and FN1. The FN1 appears to have undergone the most testing compared to its counterparts.  

Lab Findings:  The FN1™ covers 90% of the head, which is one of the highest among the headgear tested by Virginia Tech Helmet Lab researchers. It earned a three-star rating, and estimates say the FN1™ can reduce concussion risks by 50%. 

Material:  The FN1™ contains Dupont Coolmax materials, a specifically engineered polyester that's moisture-wicking and thermoregulating. It also contains patented Force Bloc™ Foam, the company's patented material for impact absorption. 

Fit:  This soccer concussion headgear contains Full90's patented TruPlay™ technology, which allows the headguard to conform to the player's head shape for maximum comfort. 

Safety Certifications:  The FN1™ holds no ASTM certifications at the moment. 

Design:  The FN1 is designed like a traditional helmet (or cap) with grooves and panels on top. 

Amazon Reviews:  Currently boasts a 4.5/5

Price:  $72.99 - $165.01

Unequal Halo 2

Established in 2008, Unequal is a sports gear company that manufactures equipment for various sports, including basketball, American football, soccer and more. One of their offerings is a line of soccer concussion headgear dubbed Halo. There are three models — Halo 1, Halo 2, and Halo 3. However, the Halo 2 is the closest in performance to the ExoShield headguard. 

Lab Findings:  The Halo 2 headguard covers 56% of the head. When tested at the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab, it demonstrated the ability to reduce soccer concussion risk by 77%, earning it a 5-Star rating. 

Material:  Just like our ExoShield headguard, Unequal's Halo 2 contains military-grade materials that help protect soldiers from blast forces, shrapnel, and head acceleration. They include the likes of Kevlar®, Accelleron® and Tridur™. 

Fit: The Halo 2 contains a nylon outer layer that gives it moisture-wicking properties. It also features a hook and loop so players can customize the fit, and it offers 360-degree protection against impacts. 

Safety Certifications:  The Halo 2 is not officially ASTM certified, but the company claims it has been tested and meets ASTM standards. However, it has been lauded by outlets such as ESPN and complies with FIFA Law 4 (players can wear it in matches). 

Design:  Halo 2 is one of the more minimalistic headguards on the market. It's similar to our ExoShield in that it resembles a headband, except that it covers less of the head's surface. 

Amazon Reviews:  N/A

Price:  $49.95

Gamebreaker Pro 

Gamebreaker manufactures protective gear for athletes in numerous sports, including wrestling, MMA, rugby, and soccer. Among their product offerings is soccer concussion headgear. The Gamebreaker Pro is a soccer-focused helmet designed to reduce impact forces sustained by player-to-ball or player-to-player contact. 

Lab Findings:  Virginia Tech's helmet study discovered that the Gamebreaker Pro could reduce concussion risk by 75%, earning it a five-star rating. It also covers 99% of the head, making it practically a full-blown helmet. 

Material:  The Gamebreaker Pro features D30®, a shear-thickening fluid made of a polymer submerged in a liquid lubricant. It doesn't have the military-grade strength that other head guards on this list have, but it was invented specifically to cushion bumps and blows from impacts in sports. 

Fit:  The Gamebreaker Pro has a hook and loop system that allows players to adjust the helmet's fit. It also provides ear protection, and despite its full head coverage, the helmet doesn't obscure peripheral vision. 

Safety Certifications:  The Gamebreaker Pro has no safety certifications. 

Design:  The Gamebreaker Pro is more like the Full90 FN1 since it's designed like a traditional helmet. It too has a paneled design and looks streamlined, and comes in a selection of different colors. 

Amazon Reviews:  N/A

Price:  $79.99

Why you should choose the ExoShield

The ExoShield occupies a space we consider the best of all worlds regarding soccer concussion headgear. It was rated number one as the most effective piece of headgear for reducing concussion risks. It's also the only soccer concussion headgear with a verifiable ASTM certification. 

It doesn't cover the entire head, but it doesn't need to either. It offers the highest level of concussion protection without sacrificing its sleek design. It's not the lowest priced piece of headgear on this list, but it is likely the most cost-effective for all that it offers. The ExoShield excels in all the criteria that make a headguard worth wearing.

Get the best head protection possible with our ExoShield concussion headguard! 
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