The Benefits of Soccer Sliding Shorts In-Game

May 23, 2023

Soccer sliding shorts are another piece of protective gear for soccer players. There are more benefits to them than simply protecting a player’s legs when they slide on the grass or turf.

What are soccer sliding shorts?

Soccer sliding shorts, also known as compression shorts, are what most soccer players wear under their regular soccer shorts or pants. They’re generally tight, padded shorts that lend protection, support, and many other benefits to the soccer player in all environments of the game.

Preventing injury with padded soccer shorts

Soccer can be a painful or risky game without the right protective gear. Unlike other sports, such as hockey and football, soccer players wear minimal padding. Storelli aims to make the sport safer with many protective products, one of which is the padded shorts for soccer. With the possible tackling, falling, rushing, and sliding that happens in a game of soccer, it’s important to keep the legs protected from turf burn, cuts, shocks, and painful bruising.

Both men and women can benefit from padded soccer shorts to make their in-game performance better, lengthen their soccer careers, and ensure they’re capable of playing the whole game comfortably.

How to take advantage of sliding shorts for soccer while playing

If a player wears soccer sliding shorts under their regular soccer shorts, they can have the confidence to make game-changing plays with slides they might otherwise have been hesitant to do. Providing soccer players with the safety and support soccer sliding shorts offer increases their ability to play well and outperform their opponents.

The many advantages sliding shorts for soccer offers

Increased blood flow

Since soccer sliding shorts are also compression shorts, they offer increased blood flow which is essential in-game to keep the player moving and feeling well. The increased blood flow will help reduce swelling and post-game soreness which is common after the muscles have been working hard.


In colder seasons, sliding shorts for soccer offer an additional layer to retain heat when a player is in the cold, sweating. This ensures a warm-up isn’t in vain and the player can avoid pulled muscles and injury while they play. This will also set up the muscles for easier regeneration after the game.


Soccer sliding shorts also offer additional support in the groin and legs. This will help keep players comfortable and safe during a game. Players won’t feel like they need to hold back to avoid hurting themselves.

More energy/reduced muscle fatigue

Because of the increased blood flow padded soccer shorts offer, players will see an increase in their muscle capacity. They’ll be able to jump higher and more often before feeling fatigued.

Sliding soccer shorts will help lower the levels of lactate in the blood, the amount of vibration in the muscles, as well as the muscle oscillation when landing after a jump. The support the shorts provide in the direction of the muscle contractions helps with fatigue as well. The compression around the hamstrings helps players run without the risk of pulled hamstrings as the muscle is supported as it contracts and releases.


The close material helps transfer sweat from the body to the fabric and then evaporates it so sweat doesn’t build up, affect play, or change the body temperature too much.


Players will also see a boost in their confidence while playing soccer when they know they’re properly protected and supported by padded soccer shorts. Storelli options use protective technology and expertise to provide the best sliding shorts for soccer. When players don’t have to think about their gear when playing, they can focus on the game and perform even better than before.

Check out Storelli’s collection of soccer sliding shorts for men and women.

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