Claudio Storelli Talks Soccer Safety X Performance

Oct 19, 2018

The game has changed. 

No brand is as devoted to the future of soccer gear and injury prevention as we are, and as an industrial design-led soccer brand, no other company can match our ability to build soccer protection gear that minimizes interference.

That's the power of the Storelli BodyShield. 

To deliver that message to soccer parents and younger athletes, we recruited soccer artist Case Jernigan to make a film about the benefits of Storelli soccer gear.

Prepare to embrace Storelli-Mode.



Thanks to our devoted partners US Club Soccer and Team Wendy for supporting the film and AC Storelli athletes Iker Casillas and Jesse Lingard for hanging out with Claudio on-screen. 

Check out our video below and tell us what you think. 

Add Your Team to the video on Facebook and we’ll see you on the pitch.

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