How Soccer Jerseys and Tops Can Help Prevent Heat Injuries

Oct 20, 2022

Heat exhaustion can be kryptonite for a soccer player. Not only does it reduce performance, but it can also lead to serious and life-threatening heat injuries. But the right soccer jersey or top can minimize heat exposure, keeping players safe and able to play at their best. This post will examine these jerseys and how they work. 

Heat injuries in soccer

Heat injuries happen when the body’s temperature control mechanisms fail to cool the body down sufficiently. That usually occurs in extreme heat. 

Typically, what happens is that the player can’t sweat enough to stay cool. As a result, the body temperature rises to dangerous levels, which get progressively worse. 

Types of heat injuries in soccer

  • Heat cramps - The mildest form of heat injuries. They occur when sodium (salt) levels fall too low, resulting in weakness, muscle cramps and low pressure. 
  • Heat exhaustion - A more severe form of heat injury. Heat exhaustion results when you simply can’t sweat enough (anhidrosis), resulting in irritability and collapse. 
  • Heat stroke - The worse form of heat injury. Heat stroke occurs when your body fails to cool itself altogether and reaches a temperature of 106 F / 40.5 C or higher. That results in confusion, headache, delirium and convulsions. Untreated heat stroke can end in death. 

  • Heat injuries, including heat stroke, are treatable. But it’s also preventable, and that’s where wearing the right soccer jerseys and tops can help. 

    How soccer jerseys and tops can reduce heat stroke risk

    Soccer jerseys can reduce the impact of heat on your body. The most effective ones have heat-absorbing (or heat-deflecting) features that keep you cool so that your body’s cooling mechanisms don’t work as hard. These are the kinds of soccer jerseys and tops you want. Of course, more low-tech features can make some jerseys effective at limiting heat exposure. 

    UV resistance

    Over-exposure to the sun and high levels of UV rays can increase the risk of heat injuries. That’s definitely the case when you're playing outdoor soccer in the middle of summer or during sweltering and bright days. 

    Fortunately, UV-resistant soccer jerseys do exist. They reduce the concentration of UV rays your body absorbs from the sun, so you feel less “cooked.” That can also help you avoid sunburns too. 

    Breathable fabrics

    Soccer jerseys with breathable fabrics are a must-have for unbearably hot days. These fabrics contain holes that let air flow, promoting sweat evaporation. Ultimately, this helps you stay cool. 

    Because of their reduced mass, most breathable fabrics in soccer jerseys are also lightweight and absorb less heat. Polyester is an example of a breathable fabric that’s commonly used in soccer jerseys. 

    Color choice

    Remember, some of the most heat-resistant features in soccer jerseys are “low-tech.” The jersey’s color is an example of this. Wearing a lighter or brighter color on the hottest days can be a great defense against the sun. Lighter colors reflect UV rays and heat more than darker ones, and will help you keep cool. 

    Storelli jerseys and tops that fit the bill 

    How do our soccer jerseys do when it comes to preventing heat injuries? We can say with full confidence that they can meet and exceed your expectations. For example, our ExoShield Gladiator jerseys offer all of the heat-resistant features mentioned above. They contain a unique blend of UV-resistance, breathable fabrics and come in a range of light colors. 

    Heat is an element you don’t want to mess with on the pitch. When you can’t stay out of the sun, make sure to protect yourself from its effects. The right soccer jersey or top can help you beat the heat. 

    Are you looking for soccer jerseys and tops? Browse through our selection to find your ideal fit for comfort and performance. 

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