Does Soccer Jersey Fabric Matter? Absolutely

Jan 13, 2023

Your soccer jersey can elevate or undermine your performance on the pitch, whether you realize it or not. There are subtle factors that affect players involving comfort, fit, and more, and none of them must inhibit a player in any way. The right soccer jersey can make sure of that. 

The right soccer jersey fabric regulates temperature and sweat

Maintaining a balanced temperature on the pitch isn’t something to take for granted. If you get too hot, you risk getting dehydrated, having muscle cramps, and heat-related injuries. Get too cold, your muscles will stiffen up, and you’ll find sprints and cuts harder to pull off. Either extreme will pull you out of the zone because they reduce your physicality, concentration, and decision-making. 

But the right fabrics can prevent overheating or freezing. For example, our line of Storelli Gladiator ExoShield jerseys and BodyShield tops are equipped with breathable and UV-resistant lightweight materials. They allow air to pass through the fabric, so you remain cool while it also deflects UV rays that may cause overheating. These materials pull sweat from the body, so you’re not soaking. 

Also, we offer a selection of training gear for cold weather, including long-sleeved shirts and hoodies that are lightweight yet insulated to prevent you from freezing. 

Comfort and texture

Whether you’re a forward weaving through a defensive line or a keeper making a diving save, comfort is probably the last thing on your mind. But it still matters and affects performance. Let’s be real here—an itchy or chafing sensation is distracting. There’s also the issue of fit. A jersey that’s too loose or tight will sidetrack you during crucial moments of play. 

We’ve designed our Storelli jerseys with lightweight, hypoallergenic fabrics that ensure your skin doesn’t feel irritated during a game. We also make our soccer jerseys and tops with a slim-fit construction that’s neither too tight nor loose. That way, you won’t have an issue with opponents grabbing your jersey or feeling strangled by an overly-tight jersey. 

Impact and injury prevention

One aspect of the game that most soccer jersey manufacturers neglect is injuries. How many jerseys have you seen that offer protection against falls, collisions, and tackles? Probably few, if any. 

They’re not common, but upper body injuries in soccer, such as bruised ribs and chest injuries, can sideline the toughest players. And there aren’t many products that address these kinds of injuries. 

That’s why we took the initiative to make soccer jerseys and tops that offer upper-body protection. For example, our ExoShield jerseys contain impact-resistant materials that cushion the arms and torso hits and falls. Our BodyShield tops also contain these impact-absorbing fabrics and anti-abrasion panels, which protect the arms from turf burns sustained from sliding on the pitch. 


Lastly, there’s the issue of longevity. No soccer jersey lasts forever, but some tops and jerseys are more durable than others. Naturally, the ones that last longer contain stronger fibers. These materials can withstand more “elements,” making them more resistant to wear and tear from gameplay itself but also washing. 

As we mentioned above, some of our soccer tops contain anti-abrasion panels that make them resistant to turf burns. This is not only a protective measure but a durability feature because the materials don’t stretch and rip as easily. That means they can withstand tackles and slides on the pitch, but also, your washing machine. For all our soccer jerseys and tops, we use a formulated blend of fabrics, such as nylon and spandex, which are machine wash friendly (provided you use the right settings). 

Fabrics make (and can break) soccer jerseys

It’s clear now that the fabrics and materials in your soccer jersey are a big deal. They directly affect your comfort, performance, and safety, so it only makes sense to choose soccer tops and jerseys with the best material. 

Here at Storelli, we make soccer jerseys and tops that ensure you’re comfortable and safer on the pitch so  you can perform at your best. We believe your gear should help you unlock your prime form, not hold you back. 

Looking for the most durable, protective, and comfortable soccer tops for better performance? Browse through our training gear and soccer tops to elevate your game! 

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