Soccer Headgear Success Stories

Jun 19, 2023

There’s a spotlight shining on Storelli’s concussion headgear and for good reason. Over the last few years, as the emphasis on soccer safety has grown and the stigma surrounding soccer helmets has reduced, more and more players have elected to wear concussion headgear and seen incredible results. 

Players recovering from a head injury find new confidence. Players who want to avoid concussions without changing their play style find new support. Youth players, women, men, and professional players are seeing the advantages of Storelli’s soccer headgear and deciding to play safer.

Who’s wearing soccer headgear?

Youth players

Parents are keen on protecting their children and ensuring they can have a lasting soccer experience. This means equipping them with soccer headgear. When over 60 percent of players report a concussion annually, it’s crucial to equip them with protective headgear. On top of that, youth players are still developing mentally, so protecting their brains is essential.

Female players

More concussions are happening to girls in soccer than boys in football. At this point, it should be common knowledge that soccer is a contact sport, and one that has—up until recently—offered little protective equipment. This is why girls in soccer are also starting to pick up concussion headgear for extra protection.

Professional players

Lastly, what’s helping drive concussion awareness in soccer are the professional players that have begun wearing soccer headgear to either avoid repeat concussions or avoid them altogether.

Here are some of the professional soccer players that have donned concussion headgear:

  • USWNT defender Ali Krieger to avoid further injury after already having had two concussions
  • Manchester United’s Wayner Rooney to avoid missing more games after a head injury
  • Petr Čech after a knee-to-head collision which was the equivalent of a car accident
  • Sofie Junge Pedersen to keep playing soccer after having experienced a bad concussion
  • Cristian Chivu after a skull fracture that took a long time to rehabilitate from
  • The Finnish defender Tuija Hyyrynen after a history of worsening concussions
  • The U.S. Paralympics team’s Sean Boyle, one of the first to wear concussion headgear before actually suffering a concussion

Success stories of concussion headgear in action

Many professional soccer players are seeing the benefits of playing with concussion headgear. Either they’ve protected themselves from further concussions, or avoided them altogether. The Virginia Tech Helmet Lab confirms that Storelli’s ExoShield headguard, using military-grade materials, reduces head injury by 84 percent.

Players have added that impact feels different when wearing soccer headgear as it absorbs most of the impact, leaving them confident and safe to continue playing. This is why Storelli’s headguards have a five-star rating for its protective capabilities.

Storelli technology is making soccer a safer sport

Not only does concussion headgear protect the player against concussions, it has added benefits of reducing cuts, bruising, and contusions. Don’t worry about it being distracting or bulky during the game; it’s only eight ounces of ultra-light material. It’s made to conform naturally to the circumference of the head in six different sizes.

We use nine to twelve millimeters of military-grade lining called Team Wendy Zorbium® foam, the same materials used in the US Army, Navy, and Special Forces helmets. Safe soccer and concussion prevention is no joke to us. That’s why we use the best materials to keep our customers safe. That’s also why the ExoShield is the official headgear of US Club Soccer.

Get on board. Start reaping the rewards (and protection) that soccer headguards offer. Shop the ExoShield now.

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