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Apr 29, 2022

Picking a soccer goalie jersey may seem simple - until you realize that it’s not. As the cliche goes, there are “different strokes for different folks” since goalkeepers have varying needs in terms of performance, comfort, and injury protection. This post will examine our Gladiator ExoShield, a soccer goalie jersey that we’ve built for the purpose of maximizing soccer performance and comfort.

A Soccer Goalie Jersey that Makes Game Less Gruelling 

If you’ve been playing soccer long enough, you know that the pitch can feel more like a battlefield at times. There’s the game itself. You’re running, cutting, kicking, and more for 90 minutes, not to mention tackling and sliding - all of which stress the body. 

And then there are other elements to deal with. There’s the weather and climate, but also personal discomfort as well. The combination of hard contact, temperature (and precipitation), and distraction from clothing and gear.

That’s where our ExoShield soccer goalie jersey comes in. We engineered it to counteract all of these conditions so that you can play with greater intensity and focus. 

ExoShield Gladiator Jersey Features 

The ExoShield contains armored padding in the elbow region that absorbs the impact of blows and falls. They’re elbow pads that can absorb as much as 90% of the impact, cushioning some of the most brutal tackles, blows, and falls. The pads also remain sturdy, absorbing the force of hits without bending or limiting movement. You’ll have protection against bruises and abrasions, even when you make high corner saves. Our jersey also comes in a form-fitted body and sleeves to provide a snug fit that doesn’t feel distracting. 

In addition to having protection against injuries, our soccer goalie jersey offers protection against other elements. 

Take temperature, for example. When you’re playing on sweltering hot days (which are soon to arrive), you likely sweat buckets. That sweat can become distracting and cause some chaffing. Fortunately, the ExoShield is one of the few soccer goalie jerseys that contains high-grade, moisture-wicking materials. The fabric in the jersey pulls sweat from your skin up through tiny holes in the fabric until the sweat reaches the surface. Once up top, it evaporates. This keeps you cool and dry longer. 

And then, there’s “stink.” Body odors aren’t the worst thing, but they’re unpleasant and can be distracting. Body odor occurs when bacterial secretions in sweat accumulate within the fabric of a jersey, a common problem for many soccer goalie jerseys. Our ExoShield contains an anti-bacterial treatment that keeps those pesky germs under control, which, in turn, prevents odors.

Color Spectrum 

Now here’s where things get fun - the colors. Typically, soccer goalie jerseys come in just one or two (maybe three) color schemes. That makes total sense when talking about you’re buying official team jerseys, but it’s a bummer when purchasing non-branded soccer goalie jerseys. Fortunately, our Gladiator ExoShield jersey is available in six color schemes. 

ExoShield Color Schemes

You’ll have more colors to choose from so that you can suit your tastes but also complement your team’s colors more easily. 

The King of Soccer Goalie Jerseys

We engineered the Gladiator ExoShield with your performance and comfort in mind. Being a goalkeeper requires a hard-to-achieve balance of athleticism, poise, concentration, and fearlessness. If, at any time, you feel restricted or distracted, your performance will suffer. Our soccer goalie jerseys remove those elements so that you tap into your full potential on the pitch. 

Are you looking for a comfortable soccer goalie jersey that helps you excel on the pitch? Look no further than our Gladiator ExoShield

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