Premier Leaguers Azpilicueta and Lingard Join Forces

Jun 28, 2017

Breaking news from Brooklyn. We struck gold forming global brand alliances with Jesse Lingard and César Azpilicueta, two players who reflect the attributes we look for in a modern athlete; strategic, wicked smart and technically superior.
César Azpilicueta:

Azpilicueta is tactically one of the most efficient defenders out there. He's methodical, strategic and level-headed, out-muscling his opponents with his mind, and reading the game better than few can. He's got the right pedigree for a brand like us, redefining the criteria of the modern athlete.

"The speed and physicality of the game is intensifying, but protection should not compromise performance, that's what attracted me to Storelli.”

Jesse Lingard

He is a brand-defining edition for us— with the type of energy, tenacity and smarts that future athletes should strive for. He's a David amongst Goliath players in the English Premier League, continuously defying the odds with his creativity and stands out in a crowded Manchester offense. We love his character and loyalty— playing in the Manchester United ranks from age 7.

“Storelli believes in out-smarting your opponent, not out-muscling them. I'm 128 lbs. I'm all for that and I was instantly swayed by the level of technicality and comfort in the material. It's nearly weightless protection.”

Storelli Athletes

Azpilicueta and Lingard have the same challenger spirit we have as a company and join a growing roster that includes Rocky Rodriguez, Kristie Mewis, Oscar and Casillas.


We work with the game's top athletes to acquire intel and top secrets about performance to help players out-smart the opposition. We firmly believe that peak performance starts before the play, and this is reflected in the content we produce, and the secrets we reveal.

Lingard and Azpilicueta will help us continue to broadcast this message.


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