What’s New at Storelli: Advanced Soccer Goalie Gloves

Jun 5, 2023

Storelli is always busy creating new products that will take performance and protection to a new level; there’s never a stopping point. Recently, Storelli released enhanced soccer goalie gloves. We know goalkeepers need top-notch equipment to play their best; that’s why we’ve released the Electric GK Glove and the Lightning GK Glove. Find out which one is best for you and what unique traits they offer.

All about the Electric GK Glove

This newly released selection of soccer goalkeeper gloves combines style with performance using the tried-and-true technology that Storelli is known for. Choose from a classic black to an electric blue, or for a more attention-grabbing glove, the white with bright green detailing.

The Electric GK Glove combines a classic negative cut with the latest glove-fit design. Quickly wear and remove the glove with a long cuff. Ensure the best fit and adjustability for ultimate performance in-game with double-wrap wrist straps. No goalkeeper should sacrifice their ability to make saves due to a glove not sitting right.

This glove uses high-grade German Contact Latex for the same soft yet grippy material. The backhand features a protected and flexible punch zone for impulse-blocking decisions and removable finger spines for customizability. These men’s soccer goalie gloves combine the comfort of a second skin without sacrificing the structure needed to stop hard shots, keeping goalies’ main blockers intact.

The Electric GK Glove ensures goalies have the best protection available to them with the ability to customize the fit. The way these gloves are built with the double straps, removable finger spines, quality material, and long wrist cuff ensures any goalie can find their best fit with the same glove.

All about the Lightning GK Glove

The Lightning GK Glove features a dynamic pattern in either green, yellow, red, or blue. Whatever your style, there’s a perfect option for you. This version of soccer goalkeeper gloves maintains the classic negative cut with a long cuff for easy wear and a double-wrap wrist strap, a fit you can feel confident in. It will withstand hard blocks, excessive movement, and long, tough games.

Unlike the Electric GK Glove, these soccer goalie gloves use German New Basic Latex, and while the backhand is still fortified for a flexible punching zone, the finger spines are non-removable in this model. It’s a winner in protective men’s soccer goalie gloves.

The way this glove is designed moves away from the normal bulkiness you might find in other gloves but maintains hand and wrist security as well as the best grip ability. We don’t forget about the need for grip for the one-person position on the field. This is a great option for goalkeepers who want something just as tough as they are without the feeling of being bulky or weighed down.

Storelli soccer goalie gloves are widely available

Because Storelli gloves perform so well and are so widely acclaimed, they’re available through many sources for goalkeeper convenience. While the best place to get information on the gloves and browse all the options is on the Storelli website, you can also find our gloves on Amazon, the World Soccer Shop, Pro Soccer, and others.

Take a look at our selection of men’s soccer goalie gloves. We provide the details on each product page. Start shopping now.

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