New Recruits: Speedster Ethan White

Jan 31, 2017

Maryland native and New York defender Ethan White is a heck of a footballer. A photographer at heart, he's able to see the game from a number of different perspectives and loves that Storelli is pushing the boundaries of soccer apparel.

He was eager to pilot and learn more about the BodyShield line, so we met up with him at Roosevelt Island to take the brand for a spin. We asked him a few questions as he gets ready for the 2017 season, armored for succes with the brand behind him.

Name: Ethan White
Organization: New York City FC
Position: Defender

Photography by Sam Maller 

What's #YourSecretWeapon?
Combination of speed, strength and technique. When suiting up for a game I have to put on everything right before left. Shin guard, sock, boot, everything.

What puts you in the zone?
A decent playlist is a must. Anything to get me pumped up enough to get me in the zone but not to get me overly excited.

What is the last track you want to listen to before you step on the field?
"Look at Me Now" by Don Q

Photography by Sam Maller 

Who is your favorite athlete and why?
Carlos Puyol. Puyol played with heart and passion. He would do anything for his team to win and lead by example. He wasn’t always the most talented player on his teams but passion and desire can’t be taught.

Out of all the Storelli weaponry you tested, what was your favorite and why?
The undershirt compression. Lightweight and comfortable. Protection is there but you don’t know it.

Photography by Sam Maller

Where do you think Storelli fits into the state of soccer/sports apparel?
Great for kids in the game and players dealing with contact injuries in various areas.

One word to sum up Storelli? Innovative

One word to sum up Ethan White and the 2017 MLS Season? Win.

Photography by Sam Maller 

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