Protection from Ankle to Hip with Storelli

May 29, 2023

To make your ultimate go-to set of lower-body protective gear, Storelli has the products from ankle to hip. Learn how to protect the lower body (your foundation) using Storelli options creed with the best minds, materials, and technologies.

Lower sections of the body to protect during soccer

Every part of the body is important to protect. They all serve different functions and have different purposes when playing soccer. For example, while the ankles and the shins both take part in kicking the ball, they’ll experience different forces and contortions.

Using the correct shin guard sleeves and properly fitted cleats will help keep both parts safe. Here’s how Storelli has addressed the various parts of the lower body to keep soccer safe, enjoyable, and active.

Ankle protection

Lots of ankle protection comes from how you train. The ankles can be strengthened on their own through safe, routine technique practice. Just like every other ligament, muscle, and bone in the body, soccer practice should include safe technique practice so the high-speed intensity of a game doesn’t have drastic effects on the ankle. On top of that, players can wear SpeedGrip Socks.

These socks are made to increase grip using Storelli SpeedGrip® technology. Improved grip means more control on the field and a lower chance of rolling over your ankles or diving into uncontrolled movements. The grip sits on the foot’s pressure zones for better control and higher reactivity.

Shin protection

The shins can take a beating in soccer without shin guard sleeves. In fact, it’s become the only mandatory soccer protective equipment. Without them, there’s an increased risk of tibia and fibula fractures, and shin splints. Shin guard sleeves are made to absorb some of the impacts that occur when the shin comes in contact with another player’s shin, the ball, or perhaps a goal post.

Wear BodyShield leg guards to avoid shin injuries. These leg guards are armored, with flexible, heavy-duty, three-millimeter XRD® Extreme Impact Protection padding for extra protection to the ankle and sides of the leg while an easily insertable shin guard protects the front. Watch this video to see the BodyShield leg guards in action.

Knee protection

Soccer players don’t always consider how they can protect their knees. Like other parts of the body, proper training of safe techniques will help within-game safety, but when the inevitable happens, what can you wear to protect your knees? The BodyShield Knee Guards. These guards are also created with XRD® Extreme Impact Protection (ten millimeters) to fit comfortably like a second skin. They absorb up to 90 percent of the impact. Wear these to avoid fractures and torn ligaments.

Thigh and hip protection

Moving up, there’s the thigh to protect. Without protection, this thicker, stronger collection of muscles is susceptible to tears, ruptures, or overuse. There are muscles in the thighs that soccer players rely on for jumps, running bursts, dives, and kicking. The muscles are under a lot of strain during the game and need support to continue these explosive movements.

Take advantage of compression leg guards in shorts form or the newly released pants form. Armored with heavy-duty hip padding, and anti-turf burn material, these compression leg guards are the way to go. Depending on your preference, play style, and ideal lower body protection set, wear either the short or long version.

Treat the thighs to the protection of heavy-duty, ten-millimeter molded thigh pads that not only protect you from impact injuries but also from muscle exhaustion. Whether you choose the short or long version, both options provide support to the thighs through to the hips.

Storelli is committed to soccer protection

There are more options to consider at Storelli depending on your needs, and whether you play women’s, men’s, or youth soccer. Everyone should do their best to wear the necessary protective gear to continue enjoying soccer. After all, we’re doing our best to provide excellent gear with top-of-the-market technology. Browse more products here.

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