Introducing Our Engineered Biology Collection

Jul 28, 2016

Mother Nature knows a thing or two about strength, power and balance and if you take a closer look at the world then almost everywhere 'engineering meets biology’.

All living things have undergone millions of years of evolution, and have developed biological structures to perform a particular function in the most efficient way possible. Structures are as strong and light as possible, nothing is wasted or excessive. A great example of this commonality in biology and engineering is a ratio called the 'Golden Section'. Everything from the angle of a tree limb, to the spiral of a snail shell has a connection in it’s geometry.

We have taken this idea and implemented it in everything we do. Our new Engineered Biology line is inspired by this intersection between engineering and biology and takes cues from the ‘Golden Section' which is reflected in the triangular pattern integrated into our fabrics.


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