Tip for Removing the Protective Film on New Goalkeeper Gloves

Nov 14, 2023

An age-old problem for goalkeepers - removing the protective film that comes on a brand new pair of goalkeeper gloves. Storelli is here to provide an insider's trick on how to peel off that film without damaging the cherished latex underneath. Follow these steps right when you receive your gloves to give them time to dry prior to first use.

Step 1: Warm Water

Fill a bucket, sink, or tub with warm water (no soap).

Step 2: Soak Gloves

Drop your gloves in and let them soak for 2-3 minutes.

Step 3: Peel Away

This process works to not only pre-wash your gloves (which we recommend in our comprehensive Glove Care Guide) but it permits water to get under the film and "unstick" them from that fresh latex allowing you to peel that film right off (start from the sides for best results).

Step 4: Dry Naturally

Don't sleep on this step as nobody likes wearing a soaking wet pair of gloves. Give yourself time to allow them to dry naturally (away from strong sources of light or heat) so they are ready for your next match or training session.

We have put together a quick video below showcasing the steps (and the results!).  

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