Protecting Your Skin with Goalkeeper Jerseys

May 23, 2023

At a moment’s notice, goalkeepers can go from standing idly in the sun to sliding on the turf to make a save. Injuries aren’t always about broken bones. They’re also about what might seem small at first but can develop into infections. One good example is skin abrasions. Goalkeeper jerseys are one of the ways to protect the skin while playing soccer from standstills to bursts of action.

The superficial benefits a goalkeeper jersey provides

At its highest and most obvious level, goalkeeper jerseys are protective gear that has padding in the elbows for sideways leaps and slides to make a save. Often, soccer goalkeeper jerseys will be unique to the goalie, especially in practice sessions or casual games. 

The history of goalkeeper jerseys has been through many changes. In the nineties, the jerseys were loud, colorful, and meant to call out the goalie as a special member of the team. As time went on, the jerseys became more muted, or neutral, to go with the rest of the team and make them harder to spot in action. Recently, some colors and patterns have returned to the playing field to find that middle ground.

Ultimately, the right goalkeeper jersey is important to provide another form of protection as well as protect the skin from turf burn. But there are plenty more reasons why soccer goalkeeper jerseys are beneficial to skin protection and long-term health.

Skin conditions to avoid using goalkeeper jerseys

Turf burn

The main skin concern either in or out of the net in soccer is turf burn. Sliding arms or legs first can have some painful outcomes if the skin is left exposed. At minimal severity, a player will end up with an uncomfortable rash. At maximum severity, severe turf burns can lead to painful infections that will debilitate a player for a while.

Sunburn, heat rash, or UV damage

Heat injuries are easy to obtain playing a cardio-heavy sport in the summer. As a goalie, heat can be unmanageable if it’s a slow game. A soccer goalkeeper jersey can prevent heat injuries by providing full coverage, sweat-wicking material to reduce body temperature, and a barrier between the elements and the skin.

Scrapes, cuts, bites, and stings

It’s as simple as having a quality layer of material over the skin. In humid climates, bugs can be a menace to goalies confined to their nets. The goalkeeper jersey not only protects the skin from pesky bugs and itching, but it also acts as a barrier between the skin and the ground or other players when contact is made to reduce the risk of other small injuries. Even if a scrape happened underneath the jersey, the material would keep it from becoming infected. Goalies can focus on the ball and player positioning as opposed to itchy bug bites, cuts, or stinging sensations.


In warm temperatures, moisture-wicking materials keep the goalie’s body temperature regulated and can even provide some refreshment. The skin won’t become bothered or too hot. There are similar benefits in cold temperatures. To keep the goalie from getting too cold or the skin from getting frost-bitten, moisture-wicking goalkeeper jerseys wick away the sweat before it cools.

Allergies or pollutants

Lastly, a goalkeeper jersey protects goalies from possible allergies or pollutants in the air or on the grass/turf. Sliding across the ground could leave rashes or hives if there’s an allergen, and there’s plenty of opportunity for this for the many games that happen in outdoor fields surrounded by nature. It’s also simply a good tool to use to keep the skin clean from pollutants in the air. Better to get the jersey dirty and wash it than to have the skin contaminated.

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