How to Pick the Perfect Goalie Jersey for 2X Performance

Dec 22, 2021

For many soccer goalkeepers, goalie gloves are the most important piece of equipment they can buy. As vital as goalie gloves are, however, goalkeeper jerseys matter just as much. 

They have a greater effect on performance than many goalkeepers realize, but players often choose jerseys based on “looks” - the colours, the patterns, and so forth. In this post, we’ll take a look at how soccer goalies can pick the best jerseys for better performance. 

Choose the Right Fit/Size of Goalie Jerseys

Buying the right fit is one of the most overlooked aspects of buying a jersey for improved goalkeeper performance. It might not seem like a big deal, but distractions from a poor-fitting jersey can hinder a goalkeeper’s performance. 

Just imagine trying to leap and dive freely in a skin-tight jersey - it will obviously feel restricted. And an oversized jersey will feel loose and make you feel less aerodynamic. 

Ideally, a goalkeeper jersey should be slim-fitted - not too tight or too loose. It should hug the body but provide enough flexibility that it doesn’t restrict your movement. It should also feel light on the body. 

Look for Impact Protection in Goalie Jerseys

Don’t get it twisted - goalkeepers can suffer the same injuries that other players in other positions suffer. Keepers can take hard body shots either from the ball or contact with attacking forwards. And of course, repeated falls and dives can take a toll on the body as well. 

Fortunately, the right goalie shirts can reduce the impact of falls and hits. Ideally, you should choose a padded jersey, one that’s armored and provides cushioning against hard hits. For example, our line of ExoShield jerseys contains materials that can absorb up to 90% of impact forces. That means fewer bumps and bruises, among other injuries when you fall or take a hit. 

Look for Breathability/Moisture-Wicking Goalie Jerseys

When you’re on the edge of victory or trying to stop a game-winning save, heat and sweat are the least of your worries. Or are they? 

Heat and sweat can be distracting enough to take your mind out of the game. If you’re playing in very hot weather or an overheated facility, you can even suffer a heat injury (ie. heat exhaustion), which can be dangerous. 

The right men’s or women’s goalkeeper jersey will help you keep your cool. It will be lightweight and contain moisture-wicking materials, which pull sweat from the body and causes it to evaporate, leaving you cool and dry. With a more balanced temperature, you’ll find yourself less distracted by heat and sweat.

Choose Goalie Jerseys that Protect Against Unexpected Elements

Apart from the heat, other elements can drain your energy or kill your focus. They include things seen and unseen, expected and unexpected. 

You’ve got the sun and its output of UV rays. Those rays can cook you a nasty sunburn. There’s also the field or turf itself - sliding along on it can give some unpleasant turf burn injuries. 

But the right jersey can protect you from these elements. For example, our ExoShield goalkeeper jerseys contain UV-resistant materials to protect your body and arms from sunburn. Also, the materials in our jerseys are tear-resistant, meaning that they won’t rip if you slide on turf. This will protect your skin from turf burns and skin abrasions. With fewer distractions and injuries from these elements, you can focus on delivering the performances you’re truly capable of. 

Elite Performance - Wear it On Your Sleeves 

Choosing the right goalkeeper jersey can make or break your performance. Many goalkeepers undermine their performance by choosing a jersey that doesn’t fit them well or offer much in terms of injury protection. Don’t be like them. Invest in goalkeeper jerseys that protect you from the elements, injuries, and distractions. You’ll be a better player as a result. 

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