Why Your Goalie Gloves Didn't Last Long

Mar 31, 2023

Goalkeeper gloves are fickle. They’re marvels of engineering and design, yet they’re prone to damage and don’t last long. If your goalie gloves had a shorter-than-normal lifespan, it’s possible you made some mistakes handling them. We’ll examine some common mistakes and provide tips to prevent it from happening again. 

Improper storage of soccer goalie gloves

Got a pair of gloves that smell damp or now houses mold? Is the material coming apart altogether? If so, ask yourself where you store them. 

Goalkeeper gloves kept in the wrong location can expose them to excess heat and moisture, which causes the aforementioned problems. Store your goalie gloves in the bag they come with, and keep that bag in a cool area away from sunlight or heat sources. 

Improper washing and drying of goalie gloves

Peeling and brittle latex isn’t a good look for goalie gloves. These conditions happen naturally with wear and tear, but accelerated damage usually results from improper washing and drying. 

Harsh detergents damage latex because of their corrosive ingredients. Also, waiting for your gloves to dry off before washing them is a bad idea—the dirt stiffens the gloves, making them hard and brittle. To counteract both effects, wash your gloves with warm water and mild soap while they’re still damp. 

And when it’s time to dry your gloves, do not use hot air or any heating source. Heat dries out latex to the point it becomes brittle and weak. Let nature work its magic—put your gloves to dry in a room temperature setting. You can even hang them on a clothesline if outside temperatures and conditions are mild. If you’re in a rush, use absorbent cloths or pads to soak up the water. 

Failure to maintain grip

When goalkeeper gloves lose their tackiness, you might as well use your bare hands to catch the ball. Grip is the most important feature of gloves, so when it disappears, the gloves don’t do much. Here’s the thing—all gloves will lose grip over time, but when it happens fast, it’s usually due to poor handling and a lack of grip maintenance.

Getting off the ground with your palms instead of your fists is bad for grip, because contact with dirt and rocks can wear down latex. So get off the ground with your fists. Also, completely drying out your gloves can ruin their grip. Naturally, the fix for this one is to let your gloves stay somewhat damp. 

But here’s an often forgotten practice—glove spray. These products keep latex tacky, so your gloves don’t lose grip as fast. We strongly recommend using a spray for goalie gloves. 

Poorly constructed gloves

Did you take the best possible care of your gloves, only to see them hit the grave too soon? Chances are you bought some crummy gloves. Not all goalkeeper gloves are made equal, so you have to do some vetting before you settle on a pair. 

There are other things to consider. For example, understanding different types of cuts and constructions will help you decide what’s the best type of glove to wear. After all, your playing style and schedule can and often will affect how long your gloves last. 

Choosing better gloves

Some of you may choose different cuts and styles based on your needs, but some features belong in all gloves, regardless of design style. Among them are German latex, especially high-grade rated versions as they demonstrate superior grip ability. We also recommend embossed palm cuts since they allow for increased flexibility, which comes in handy for catches and scoops. For injury prone keepers or those recovering from hand injuries, removable finger spines are useful too. You can take them out once your hand heals or feels ready for regular contact. 

Our Storelli goalie gloves contain all of the above and more, and come in various cuts and styles depending on the needs of the keeper. We’re always upgrading and updating our glove lines, whether it’s the Gladiator, Silencer, or ExoShield series, so goalkeepers have more control and comfort on the pitch. More importantly, we build state-of-the-art gloves that have longer shelf lives so you don’t have to buy a new pair as often. We care about your pockets just as much as your performance! 

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