Eight Inc. Partners With Storelli To Reimagine Athletic Protection

Jul 13, 2015

Brooklyn-based soccer protection company, Storelli approached Eight Inc. with a strong mission to create a one of a kind fixture that will stand out in a multi-brand retail environment. A fixture that embodies their brand values (fearless, unbreakable, free) while providing both merchandising and education for this new product category they’ve coined as “Next-Gen Soccer Protection“.

The Storelli team, made up of former soccer players that have dealt with the pains, cuts, and bruises from this increasingly competitive sport are very passionate about their product. The Storelli gear has been designed specifically to “take the pain out of the picture” and allow athletes to be in the zone through cutting edge technology maximizing head-to-toe protection, comfort and flexibility.

The concept for the fixture was conceived as a “Superhero’s Closet,” designed to invite players to suit up, unleashing their potential on the field by allowing them to be fearless. The core of this inspiration came from the product itself. In an industry of flash and color, Storelli stands out with their edgy, black gear that resembles armor.

The 6’-6” tall fixture with a half hexagon footprint inspired by the soccer ball, allows for multi-sided display, to separate education elements from the product. A custom fiberglass “anti-mannequin” stands off the center wall as the hero of the fixture against a black-on-black graphic, boldly highlighting the brands capability to protect players from head-to-toe. This mannequin was uniquely engineered so that no part of the mannequin is visible beyond the extent of the clothing, focusing exclusively on the product and allowing customers to imagine themselves in the armor.

“We are pioneering a new protection category and as a result challenged Eight Inc. to come up with a retail presence that would not only stand out as something totally unique but one that would also allow us to educate people about our product and give them a sense of our brand story.” says Mark Schermers, President and Chief Marketing Officer at Storelli. “We make stealth protective apparel that is often described as ‘Batman gear’, we feel that Eight Inc. did a killer job at bringing this to life in a cool way.”

Although currently focused on soccer gear, Storelli’s future includes extending their line to other sports to provide the same “Fear Nothing. Give Everything.” protection. In addition, Storelli will continue to educate customers on the value of protection, design gear that stands out like no other and propel athletes to their optimal level of performance.
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