How to Keep a Soccer Jersey Fresh and Clean

Oct 20, 2022

Keeping a soccer jersey clean sometimes becomes an afterthought (especially for kids) until it starts to reek. Sliding and tackling can stain the heck out of your jersey (and smell gross). Fortunately, keeping soccer jerseys fresh, clean, and stain/stink-free is relatively easy. This post will take a brief look at how to do so.  

Washing (and drying) instructions

The good news about keeping your soccer jerseys clean is that it’s usually straightforward. Most of the dirt you’ll encounter on the pitch can quickly come off. You can scrub most dirt off soccer jerseys with a simple cleaning process. 

How to wash a soccer jersey

  1. Brush the dirt off your soccer jersey. If you fell or made contact with the ground, there’s a good chance you’ll have dirt on your shirt. Don’t just toss your jersey into the wash yet. Brush the excess dirt off the garment first, ideally with a laundry scrubbing brush. Doing so will prevent dirt from entering the wash (and potentially clogging it) or leaving a permanent mark on the shirt. 
  1. Put your jersey to wash in warm or hot water. Cold water can work, but not as effectively as water at higher temperatures. Warm or hot water does a better job of lifting oils and odors from clothing fabrics. So when throwing your soccer jerseys in the washing machine, keep the temperature high. Skip the cold rinses!
  1. Use an appropriate detergent. Not all detergents are made equal, so use one that works best for your jersey. Ideally, the most suitable detergent for washing soccer jerseys targets synthetic fibers since these fibers are most commonly used in jerseys. 
  1. Dry your soccer jersey with low heat or air-dry it. Too much heat can damage the fabrics used in soccer jerseys, so you don’t want to overdo it. Your best alternative is to air-dry your garment. If you’re pressed for time, throw your jersey in the dryer as long as it's set to a low-heat setting. 

Cleaning hacks and products to use

We recommend using a laundry detergent best suited for synthetic fibers(polyester as this is common jersey material). But you can add other “cleaning products” for tough stains that need presoaking. Two we recommend are white vinegar and baking soda. You probably have these items under your kitchen sink already. 

The beauty of these two household compounds is that they’re stain and odor-busters, and have been used to keep sports clean for decades. Here’s a typical presoaking technique: Throw the dirty soccer jersey into your washing machine, add a cup of white vinegar, one cup of distilled water, and one tablespoon of baking soda. Let the jersey soak for thirty minutes. Afterwards, you can use the wash cycle as usual (adding laundry detergent).

Storelli buying recommendations for soccer jerseys

Of course, if you buy a new soccer jersey soon, you can make your cleaning process easier before you even wear it. You just have got to pick a jersey that’s easy to clean and less likely to stink. 

Buy the right soccer jersey colors

Choosing garment colors isn’t always possible depending on the rules of a team or league. But where and if possible, choosing darker colors will always make cleaning less of a hassle. Darker colors hide stains better, so if you ever get some serious staining, they won’t look as heavy, even if they don’t come off fully. 

Pick soccer jerseys with easy-to-clean fabrics

Some clothing fabrics hold up better than others in the wash, so pick soccer jerseys made with machine-washable materials. They include polyester, cotton, and nylon. These fabrics can withstand a volume of washing (and drying) without shrinking or shredding. 

Get jerseys with antibacterial treatments

Lastly, getting soccer jerseys and tops with antibacterial treatments can help minimize funky odors. Not all soccer tops have this feature, but the ones that do contain compounds neutralize the by-products of bacteria that cause stinkiness. Our line of ExoShield Gladiator soccer jerseys and BodyShield tops contain antibacterial treatments, to reduce odors caused by bacteria found in sweat or dirt.

For a clean and mean soccer jersey

It’s easy to let a good soccer jersey get ruined because of excess dirt or a funky odor. But regular and proper washing will keep it in good condition for as long as possible. Buying the right soccer jerseys from the get-go will make the washing process even easier, so choose carefully. Follow these tips, and you’ll have a jersey that bounces back from dirt just like you do. 

Looking for more tips on safety and performance in soccer? Check out our blog for more insights.

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