BodyShield Fitting w/ Refinery29 Editor at Large Annie Greenberg

Jul 20, 2017

We recently met-up with Annie Georgia Greenberg, one of the fashion forces at Refinery29, who was shocked that a performance line with this level of technicality could be so beautiful. Quietly a soccer girl at heart, we challenged Annie to rethink how she can re-tool her soccer kit on and off the field, and asked her to share her perspective on how the worlds of fashion and performance are quickly blending.

1. What attracted you to Storelli?

I love when the utility of something is obvious at first site and then you discover more (like the shin pad inserts) with a closer look.

2. Is there more male influence over trends in the soccer industry? If so, how can women be more disruptive?

I recently had the opportunity to visit the FIFA museum in Zurich (it's beautiful and innovative and interactive and I highly recommend checking it out). But was surprised at how little footprint and real estate was dedicated to female athletes. I think as more and more working women commit to being "athletes" instead of simply "athletic" we'll begin to see more female influencers.
3. What was your fitting like with Storelli?

I loved mix and matching the leggings and crop top with non-athletic wear. They really round out a look in a cool and unique way.

4. What outfits/looks did you establish on-set? What was your go-to spring look? What about summer?

My fashion friends might kill me for saying this but I'm a huge fan of integrating leggings into a look when and where you can. It's easy with storelli because they're so good looking that they become part of the outfit instead of just a throw-on piece. I always balance out tighter bottoms with chunkier shoes. So, for winter that means tougher boots and for summer a more substantial soled sandal or flatform.

5. What technical features from the BodyShield Series standout to you?

I love the pocketing and paneling. Aside from the fact that they're really a no brainer for on-the-field protection, it's sort of quilting or body armour for off-the-field style.

6. What's your secret weapon on the field?
I get random second winds and can sprint when you least expect it.

7. What's your soccer diet in New York City?

Not gonna lie, it's really tough to commit to anything, let alone a team sport with my travel schedule. But, I was once a part of NYC Footy and think theyre a great start to dive into the NYC soccer scene.

8. What's your advice for soccer girls who are pursuing a career in fashion?

Despite what I just said to answer 9 above, you really can do both. The modern woman is not easily categorized. 

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