Youth: Finding the Best-Fitted Soccer Jersey

Nov 17, 2020

*This article is part of an educational series for soccer parents and players new to soccer*

A soccer jersey is one of the simplest forms of sports equipment; essentially, you want a comfortable, form-fitting shirt that you can wear while you play or practice. Yet, there is more to this simple piece of equipment than meets the eye. It is essential to choose a jersey that fits correctly, suits the player’s age and size, and offers protection where they need it. 

Here are some quick tips to help you find the best-fitted soccer jersey for young men and women soccer players.


A well-fitted jersey needs to be sized correctly. If it is too big, the fabric can get in the way, and something too tight will be uncomfortable and restrict your movements. It is essential to find a jersey that fits snugly, feels comfortable on your body and allows for freedom of movement. 

To find your correct jersey size, the first step is to take accurate chest measurements.

  1. Use a tape measure and wrap the tape around the thickest part of your chest while holding your arms out straight to the side - you may need a friend to help with this. 
  2. This chest measurement will give you the right size for your jersey. Most brands offer sizing charts on their website, so be sure to refer to these for accuracy. 
  3. If you have a slim or larger build, you may need to move up or down a size to accommodate your body shape.
  4. Consider sizing for different brands. Many brands fit slightly differently, and some are cut just a bit larger or smaller than others. In general, authentic jerseys are more form-fitting because players want less bulky apparel. Replica jerseys are often cut larger. 


Consider the material in your jersey. You want to look for something light, breathable and seamless for the most comfort. The best jerseys also incorporate mesh side panels for venting to keep you comfortable. 

Synthetic materials will not shrink in the wash and offer durable, lightweight protection for dives and impacts. Synthetic materials also help wick moisture away to keep you comfortable and dry while playing, and the materials contain anti-bacterial treatment to reduce germs and odours. 

A high-quality jersey will also last much longer than an inexpensive jersey made from cheaper materials. Jerseys made from cotton or poly-cotton blends can shrink in the wash, so be sure to consider this when considering sizing. 


For goalkeepers, a soccer jersey is an incredibly important piece of protective equipment. Jerseys like the BodyShield GK have specially placed padding on the elbows, shoulders and ribs to help cushion you from impacts. This padding on men’s soccer goalie jerseys can help protect from the most common goalkeeper injuries and give you the confidence to play your best. 

Women's soccer goalie jerseys also offer protection from hard shots to the chest, making it easier to block shots without fear of injury. Pair this jersey with the best soccer goalie gloves like the Gladiator 3 Goalie Glove and see your performance soar. 

These quick tips will get you fitted, suited up, and ready to play your best game. If you have any questions or need more expert help to find the best-fitted soccer jersey talk to us at Storelli.
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