3 Pieces of Woman-Specific Gear for Soccer & Why They Matter

Apr 4, 2022

Women have essentially the same requirements when it comes to wearing protective gear. But there are differences in injury risk profile that make it advantageous for women to wear protective gear specific to them. 

For example, women are more susceptible to chest and lower leg injuries (due to differences in body composition and structure). This post will look at the protective gear that women players should consider wearing and why. 

Women's Soccer Protective Gear #1 - Crop-Top 

Crop tops are an underrated piece of soccer protective gear for women. Their job is to protect women against chest injuries. High-speed and high-impact shots to the chest can result in painful breast injuries to women soccer players. They typically include bruises and contusions. 

An armored crop-top can reduce the impact of a ball or elbow shot to the chest. The material will cushion the blow, reducing the occurrence of cuts, bruises, and contusions. When looking for an armored crop top, choose one that protects the entire chest area, including the ribcage. It should also have slow-rebounding ability, meaning that if you push down on it, it's somewhat slow to return to its normal level.  

Our Storelli BodyShield crop tops line can absorb up to 90% of impact forces. It also protects the entire chest and ribcage area, offering slow-rebounding ability, superior cushioning. 

Women's Soccer Protective Gear #2 - Armored Goalkeeper Undershirt

For women goalkeepers, blocking shots may injure the chest. Of course, diving and collisions with players can lead to other injuries, namely the arms. Arm injuries may entail bruises and wounds and bone and muscle injuries. 

An armored goalkeeper undershirt offers full upper body protection. That means falling, diving, blocking, and any other maneuver is cushioned. The material in such an undershirt reduces impact forces to the body and contains thick layers to protect the skin from tears and cuts. When looking for a goalkeeper undershirt, choose one that offers features such as elbow pads, anti-abrasion panels (to protect against skin cuts) and reinforced materials for impact. 

Our line of Storelli undershirts provides the best in women's soccer protective gear. They contain panels and pads that reduce both impact forces to the body and abrasions to the skin. They also come with added features for comfort, such as moisture-wicking fabrics and breathable mesh. 

Women's Soccer Protective Gear #3 - Padded Leggings

Yes, there's more to leggings than what Lululemon offers (no disrespect meant!). Soccer leggings can be your best friend when it comes to women's soccer protective gear. Before we explain why let's remind you how much of a beating your legs can take during a game. 

You can get kicked, fall to the ground, slide on turf and much more. That means you can sprain muscles, dislocate joints, and cut skin. They're part of the game, but it doesn't hurt to protect against some of these injuries. 

Padded leggings can do the trick. If they provide anti-abrasion materials, they'll reduce the friction of sliding on turf and prevent those nasty turf burn injuries. Also, if they contain armored padding, they can cushion the blow of falls and impacts. And as a bonus, they'll offer you the comfort that traditional leggings provide, so you're not distracted while playing. 

Our line of women's BodyShield TurfBurn leggings provides this kind of total leg protection. They're equipped with anti-turf burn and impact-resistant materials in key areas such as the knees, hips and sides of the calves. They also have drawstrings so you can adjust the fit of the leggings as you play. 

Women in Soccer Deserve the Best in Protective Gear 

The truth is that manufacturers of soccer protective gear often don't prioritize women's safety. That exposes women to injuries they could easily avoid. Fortunately, our line of women's soccer protective gear makes the beautiful game less injurious to the talented women who play. 

They can greatly reduce injuries for which women have a higher risk. More importantly, this soccer protective gear allows women to focus on their performance without worrying about being sidelined. 

Need protective equipment for the lower body and chest? Browse through our line of soccer protective gear for women! 

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