Youth: 3 Training Items to Keep You Comfortable During Practice

Dec 11, 2020

*This article is part of an educational series for soccer parents and players new to soccer*

With COVID-19 closing most indoor training facilities, more soccer players are moving outside to practice safely. If you live in a warm part of the world, this outdoor practice sounds quite lovely, but for those of us who live in cooler climates, it can get downright chilly. 

To help you dress appropriately, here are our top three picks for warm soccer gear to keep you comfortable on the outdoor pitch. 

Warm Winter Soccer Training Gear

When it comes to playing in colder conditions, you need the right gear to help your young player stay warm and keep them motivated. 

Consider these things when looking for cold-weather gear:

  • Moisture Wicking - It helps to find materials that wick moisture away from the body. Staying dry will keep the moisture from freezing against the body and lowering the body temp.
  • Layers - You should also consider layers to help stay warm without too much bulk. Use a base layer that wicks moisture and then a top layer for warmth and protection from the elements. 
  • Protection - In cold weather, your skin needs protection from the elements. Look for long sleeves, leggings, hoods, and shirts with pockets to keep your hands warm.
  • Comfort - It is essential that what they wear allows your young player to move unimpeded and doesn’t get in the way. For this reason, most training gear fits snug and close to the body. 

Here are our top three items for this season’s cold-weather training sessions. 

Long Sleeve Soccer Training Jersey

Training jerseys are designed to keep players comfortable and offer protection from falls, dives, and the elements. For goalkeepers, the ExoShield Gladiator Jersey is a breathable jersey designed to protect goalkeepers with its impact protection padding on the elbows. These elbow pads will absorb up to 90% of impact but are flexible enough to bend without stopping your movement.

The long sleeves protect the skin from turf burn and cold winter elements, and the material is designed to wick moisture away. The slim fit is also suitable for layering. Consider wearing a base layer underneath the jersey for more warmth. 

For field players, the Training Mock Tee is an effective underlayer to keep you warm during training or competitive matches. It can comfortably be worn under a uniform, and thanks to its thumb holes and extra long neck it insulates your body from cold weather.

Long Sleeve Soccer Training Hoodie

A long sleeve soccer training hoodie like our Storelli Training Hoodie is perfect for cold Fall days and will even take you through the winter weather. It is made from a blend of nylon, polyester, and spandex that wicks moisture and has a slim fit that can be worn alone or layered for more warmth. 

This hoodie has a contoured hood, which means you can keep it on and keep your ears warm, and it won’t get in the way when you are playing and won’t block a player’s peripheral vision. It also has a high collar to keep your neck and face warm and a front pocket to keep your hands cozy. 

As a bonus, this training hoodie also has thumb holes to keep the sleeves down and your player’s hands warm. 

Training Leggings

Training leggings offer protection from dives and falls on the dirt and grass. The leggings also protect against the elements, whether they are harmful UV rays from the sun or cold winter wind. The Women’s BodyShield GK Leggings 2  or the Men’s BodyShield GK Leggings 2 have padding on the hips and anti-abrasion layers on the knees so they protect from falls and trips. 

Leggings are great to wear as a layer under shorts for extra warmth and protection in cold weather. They won’t get in the way or catch on cleats as pants can. 

If you are looking for more cold-weather clothing options for young players, take a look at our training section for examples of our training gear. Now bundle up and get out there and practice!
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