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May 2, 2022

Women face unique challenges on the pitch that fans often don't see, including increased risks of leg injuries and turf burns (due to playing primarily on turf). Also, women play the game at a different pace and style than men, so performance needs can vary. 

That naturally means women will benefit from wearing specific protective gear to reduce certain injury risks and boost performance. This post will analyze women's soccer shorts and pants to help facilitate women's need for elite performance and safety. 

BodyShield Sliders
Storelli Bodyshield sliders

If you're playing soccer at a high level, then tackling and sliding are just fundamentals of your game. They're skills you need to play aggressively and effectively on the pitch. Tackling and sliding can give your body a beating, namely, your legs. They include cuts, bruises, contusions, abrasions (turf burn), and more. 

You can avoid most of these blows with our BodyShield Sliders. These women's soccer shorts contain 5mm, heavy-duty thigh pads that absorb up to 90% of impact forces. The padding remains close to the body, and it comes with a drawstring to prevent the pants from sliding. 

BodyShield Impact Sliders

Storelli Bodyshield Impact sliders

Wearing women's soccer shorts that reduce bruising and cuts is one thing; it's something else for that protection to NOT feel like a distraction. Much of the soccer protective gear doesn't strike a balance between performance and comfort. 

Ours does. 

We constructed these BodyShield Impact Sliders specifically for women. They feature 3mm of armor that absorbs up to 90% of impact forces (like our regular Sliders), protecting your legs from abrasions and bruises. But since this armor is slightly thinner, it has a more lightweight feel. These women's soccer shorts are ideal for you if you want that perfect blend of impact absorption without feeling the weight of your shorts. 

BodyShield Leggings

Storelli Bodyshield leggings


Technically, leggings aren't "women's soccer shorts" per se, but every woman who plays the goalkeeper position should consider wearing them. Leggings have some distinct advantages over women's soccer shorts regarding performance and protection against injury. 

Leggings protect the whole leg - from ankle to hip. That is important because lower leg injuries below the knee are more common than upper leg injuries. Leggings can protect against these blows, whereas women's soccer shorts won't since they cut off at the knee. 

Our BodyShield leggings, built for women, contain anti-turf burn padding for the hips, knees, and side of the calves and a shin guard pocket. These materials protect your legs from abrasions regardless of sliding or diving. 

Protecting Your Legs 

We've presented you with two types of protective leg gear - women's soccer shorts and leggings. Is one better than the other? Not really - the one you choose depends on your position. We recommend the Sliders and Impact Sliders for women who play a field position and the leggings for goalkeepers.

Our women's soccer shorts provide the aerodynamics and impact protection players need since they move more and make more contact with opponents. On the other hand, our leggings are more suitable for sliding and dives, which is more of a goalkeeper issue. 

Need protective equipment for the legs? Browse through our line of soccer protective gear for women! 

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