Differences Women Need to Know About When Choosing Soccer Jerseys

Oct 20, 2022

It’s a no-brainer that women’s soccer gear differs from men’s in specific ways, but the differences aren’t always apparent. When it comes to women’s soccer jerseys and tops, those differences can impact safety and comfort. This post will highlight those differences and provide tips for girls and women who play soccer to abide by when shopping for tops. 

Tailoring and cut

Women tend to have larger waist-to-hip ratios than men, so soccer jerseys manufacturers have to accommodate this. The most noticeable way they do that is by adding more tailoring at the waist of the jersey. That allows the jersey to sit better on a female body than the more straightforward cut of men’s jerseys. Therefore, if you’re looking for a women’s soccer jersey, pay attention to the tailoring at the bottom of the shirt — it’ll give you an idea of whether it will be a good fit. 

Additionally, women’s jerseys tend to have shorter sleeves, which accommodates the fact that women tend to have shorter arms. Another interesting feature to note regarding the limbs is that there’s more distance between the armpit and the jersey's bottom hem. 

Size and proportions

Women usually have smaller dimensions than men, so manufacturers make women’s soccer jerseys to reflect those differences. The jerseys are generally a size smaller than male sizing. So a woman’s large is a men’s medium, while a woman’s medium is a men’s small, and so forth. 

Also, women’s soccer jerseys are snugger around the waist and chest than men’s. Of course, if you’re not a fan of wearing “snug” fits, you can always buy a size larger than your ideal fit.

Safety considerations

Last but not least, another consideration that differentiates women’s soccer jerseys from men is chest protection. It’s not a staple feature for most jerseys, but it should be. Chest protection is padding around the ribs that protect women from chest impacts that can cause breast injuries. Although these injuries rarely have serious consequences, they can be painful and debilitating. And the downside of these injuries is they’re often overlooked. 

But the right soccer jerseys and tops can offer protection against chest injuries, so women don’t get sidelined. Here at Storelli, we manufacture tops that contain impact-reducing padding that cushions hits to the torso. We’ve molded them into our armored crop-top so women players in all positions can play with increased chest protection. 

Choosing a soccer jersey — don’t wear yourself thin

Soccer jerseys do more than contain your number. Choosing the right girls’ or women’s soccer jerseys will help enhance your comfort for distraction-free play while decreasing the risk of upper body injuries. As a lady on the pitch, you’re a warrior and have plenty to offer your team. Why let a poor jersey fit or an injury hold you back? The right jersey helps you kick right past these obstacles. 

Are you looking for girls’ and womens’ soccer jerseys and tops? Browse through our selection to find your ideal fit for comfort and performance. 

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