A Curated Link Guide of Soccer Injury Prevention Tips for Women and Girls

Oct 20, 2022

Girls and women soccer players are underrepresented in many ways, including injury awareness and prevention. That’s unfortunate because they face higher injury risks in some regard, yet they can prevent them with the proper training and protective gear. This post will serve as a curated link guide to various articles Storelli (and other sources) has published about injury prevention, specifically for girls and young women. 

Injuries that girls and young women are more vulnerable to

Men and women soccer players can sustain the same injuries, but women face a higher risk of specific injuries. Differences in biomechanics, hormones, musculature and more are to blame. Girls and young women who know about these injuries will recognize their risks and be in a better position to protect themselves from these injuries. 

Leg injuries in women’s soccer

4 Types of ACL Injuries Women Soccer Players Should Know - ACL injuries are no joke and can be a kryptonite to a soccer career. Women soccer players have a higher risk of ACL injuries because of anatomical differences. This article examines four kinds of ACL injuries women can get and how they can beat them. 

How Women Can Prevent Hyperextended Knees in Soccer - Flexibility is a gift and a curse for women who play soccer. Too much flexibility usually means instability, and that’s an ingredient for painful knee hyperextensions. This article dives into the topic of hyperextended knees and how they occur. 

What's the Q Angle & How it impacts Women Players - Wondering why women are at a higher risk of leg injuries? The “Q-angle” is to blame. This article breaks down the Q-angle and how it contributes to injuries ranging from minor sprains to significant ACL tears.  

Chest injuries in women’s soccer

Why Chest Protection in Footy Shouldn't Go Ignored - With so much focus on brain and leg injuries, it’s easy for young women to ignore chest injuries. But a blow to the chest can take a serious player off the pitch or worse. This post discusses chest injuries and how women can protect themselves on the pitch.  

Head injuries

Why Concussions in Soccer Affect Girls Differently than Boys - What’s the difference between concussions in boys versus girls? Plenty. Researchers are learning more about how it affects girls who play the game, and girls need to be aware of brain injury effects that might be unique to them. This article sheds light on these differences. 

Training that can help prevent injuries.

Yes, ladies face some elevated injury risks, but it’s not all gloom and doom. You can reduce your risks for such injuries with the proper conditioning and exercises. We’ve put some articles together highlighting movements and drills that make the body more resistant to damage. 

Soccer conditioning exercises

How to Stop Ankle Injuries in Soccer with Single-Leg Heel Raises - As common as ankle injuries are in soccer, they’re hardly a necessary evil. This article discusses the power of single-leg heel raises and how they can strengthen the ankle to prevent injury.  

How to Block Hamstring Injuries in Soccer With Nordic Curls - Hamstring injuries can jolt the toughest women on the pitch, off the pitch. But Nordic curls can prevent the sting of a hamstring injury. This post breaks down how Nordic curls protect you and how to perform them. 

Studies Reveal that Neuromuscular Warm-Ups Reduce Soccer Injury - Did you know that many muscle injuries in soccer come from an untrained nervous system? The fix is to train the brain to fire its signals more effectively to the muscles, so they contract better and more efficiently. This post examines FIFA’s 11+ neuromuscular exercises and how they condition the nerves (and muscles) to work and be strong like steel. 

Concussion risk-reducing exercises

Seven Neck Exercises to Prevent Concussion - Researchers believe that neck mass and strength differences are why women have higher concussion risks. Essentially, women don’t have the same neck density that men have. But these exercises can help women who play soccer develop powerful necks that absorb more shock and force. 

Why Sharp Vision is the Key to Elite Performance & Safety - When looking for measures to prevent concussions, researchers believe that the eyes have it. They’ve found that athletes with better visual awareness can more easily evade head-busting collisions. This article discusses a few visual exercises you can practice to sharpen your vision and potentially reduce your concussion risk. 

Youth Soccer & Ball Heading: What’s Need to Practice it Safely - Heading the ball in soccer has become a controversial topic in youth soccer. It’s an essential skill but one that carries a concussion risk. The key to lowering the risk is practicing headers safely, a skill that this article highlights and exemplifies. 

Soccer protective gear for women 

As tough as you are, your injury prevention is incomplete without suitable soccer protective gear. That’s our specialty here at Storelli. We produce a wide range of soccer protective gear, including women-specific ones that reduce the risk of common injuries. We’ve written product guides in the past and have presented them here for easy reference. 

Soccer protective gear for the head

Everything You Need to Know to Buy Soccer Concussion Headgear -  We’ve written about all there is about soccer concussion headgear. That includes research behind why it’s effective and how our headguard performs. This article breaks down what you should look for when shopping for a concussion headguard of your own. 

Talking to Bethany Balcer About Concussion Safety - The incredible OL Reign phenom, Bethany Balcer, discusses how concussion headgear has transformed her game and keeps her safe on the pitch. This is her story and an inspiring post for women in soccer who take safety seriously. Take note.  

Soccer protective gear for the body

3 Pieces of Woman-Specific Gear for Soccer & Why They Matter - Women need pretty much the same soccer protective gear that guys need. Of course, some areas need added emphasis or some design alterations. This article highlights some equipment we’ve manufactured designed specifically for women.  

Your hub for knowledge on women’s soccer injuries and protective gear

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again - the world doesn’t pay enough attention to women’s safety in soccer. It’s another slice of the rampant inequality issue in the sport. However, we’re happy to be at the forefront of women’s safety in the sport by providing you with knowledge and gear to boot. 

We’ll continue to supply you with pieces like this so you can stay one step ahead of injuries. It’s our mission to see you crush it on the pitch, not the sidelines. 

Are you looking for female-specific equipment to prevent injuries? Browse through our line of soccer protective gear for women

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