Training for the Dark Side of the Beautiful Game

Jun 2, 2016

We are bringing to light, The Dark Side of the Beautiful Game.

Oscar and Iker Casillas recognize the physicality of the sport has intensified, which is why they joined forces behind a new line of technical soccer apparel that shields you from the uncontrollable elements of the sport. As loyal supporters, you recognize this new school of thought and we ask that you take a closer look at what we're up to in Brooklyn.

The game is changing. It’s faster and harsher. You need to protect yourself. Not just your body. But your dreams. Your goals. We understand the needs and the frustrations that come your way because of it. We’re representing a logical evolution in a sport where risks are recognized and protective measures are taken.

We wanted to teach this philosophy of the dark side of the Beautiful Game to the types of athletes that understand our message. The next generation. The smarter players who see every dimension of the sport. So we brought in Oscar and Iker Casillas, two world class legends who embody our school of thought. Together we are spreading the word through underground trials based in the birthplace of Storelli: Brooklyn, New York.

In a secret, invite-only session, we put the Next Gen hopefuls through a series of rigorous trials to sift out the pretenders. We wanted to see who wanted it the most. Who was ready to throw down for what they believe in and who shared our philosophy.

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