Storelli Goalie Gloves Versus Everyone Else: How We Stack Up

Sep 16, 2022

Storelli goalie gloves come with a wide range of features that enhance performance, reduce injury risk, and maximize comfort. We’ve implemented numerous design features and construction methods to help goalkeepers unlock their best selves on the pitch. How do our goalie gloves stack up against our competitors? Very well. This post will compare our glove features to that of other brands. 

Storelli Gladiator Pro 3

The Gladiator Pro 3 is the best-selling glove in our Gladiator line, and for a good reason. We manufactured it for goalkeepers at advanced or elite levels, incorporating the features that players at these levels love and need. 

Material: The Pro 3 contains 3.5 mm of German latex and 3mm of impact foam to provide the highest amount of palm protection possible.

Fit: The Gladiator Pro 3 features a negative cut with roll-thumbs and an embossed palm to provide additional flexibility.  

Performance: Numerous keepers praise the Pro 3's lightweight feel despite being a heavy-duty glove. Also, they feel it offers superior grip and has some of the highest durability. 

Protectiveness: We included removable fingersaves in the Gladiator Pro 3 in case players want finger stability to reduce finger injury risks or prevent an existing one from getting worse. 

Price: $129.99

Nike Vapor Grip

Nike has always been a force in the world of soccer goalie gloves and has cemented their legacy here too. Case in point — consider the Nike Vapor Grip 3. It’s one of the top-selling soccer goalie gloves and has been hailed as one of the best in its class. 

Material: The Vapor Grip 3 features 4mm Contact plus foam in its palms, giving the glove durability and sturdiness. Ultimately, this makes the Vapor 3 one of the most durable gloves on the market. 

Fit: It features a patented cut that provides a greater surface area to make contact with the ball. Most keepers say the Nike Vapor Grip 3 feels light and fits snugly on their hands. 

Performance: Many keepers who use these gloves say they’re very flexible despite having a sturdy body. They also praise the ball control it offers due to its palm construction. 

Protectiveness: These gloves don’t come with fingersaves or the ability to add and remove fingersaves. 

Price: $132.99

Adidas Ace Trans 

If you want goalkeeper gloves that get celebrity-endorsement treatment, then look at Adidas. Some of the world’s greatest goalkeepers, from Manuel Neuer to David De Gea, have worn them. The Adidas Ace Trans, in particular, is one of Adidas’ top offerings and is a popular choice among goalkeepers. 

Material: The Ace Trans contain double-foam palms consisting of latex and elastane. This construction makes these goalie gloves snug and well cushioned on the hands. 

Fit: The materials used in the Ace Trans provide a snug fit, which, according to many keepers, is super comfortable and an ideal fit. 

Performance: The Ace Trans scores high on performance — its palm shape and construction provide a wider contact area to catch the ball. 

Protectiveness: When it comes to protection, the Ace Trans rivals our Gladiator Pro 3 because it also comes with removable fingersaves. 

Price: $149.99

Uhlsport Eliminator Supergrip 

Uhlsport uses old-fashioned German engineering to manufacture soccer goalie gloves. Like Adidas, they’ve received praise from notable keepers such as Oliver Kahn. One of their top selections is their Eliminator gloves. 

Material: The Eliminator contains a patented Supergrip latex to provide goalkeepers with more ball control and grip.  

Fit: Goalies who use the Eliminator say it provides a very tight fit, making it ideal for those who want to eliminate (excuse the pun) any slackness. 

Performance: The Eliminator gets lots of praise for the immense ball control it provides and its grip. It also appears to have a good punch. However, the gloves lose their edge in wet conditions and get slippery. 

Protectiveness: Unlike our Gladiator Pro 3 and the Ace Trans, the Eliminators don’t have fingersaves or an option to add them. 

Price: $229.95

Why you should choose our Gladiator Pro 3 for goalkeeper gloves

Based on comparing these soccer goalie gloves, we’d say it offers the most bang for your buck. It’s the most balanced pair of gloves you can find here. It provides a blend of flexibility and grip, not too much of either. It also offers excellent ball control and doesn’t lose its edge in wet or rainy conditions. 

The Gladiator Pro 3 also offers removable fingersave protection as an option, which many goalie gloves don’t provide. And it’s also the most effective option here. If you’re looking for soccer goalie gloves that can tick off all the boxes, then the Gladiator Pro 3 is your savior.

Looking for soccer goalie gloves for a youth player? Browse through our line of gloves for goalkeepers to find their perfect fit.

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