SoccerBible: Storelli Launch Revolutionary 'SpeedGrip' Insole

Jul 10, 2017


A first of it's kind piece of performance innovation, the Storelli 'SpeedGrip' insole is said to improve athlete reaction time as it grips the foot to the shoe like glue to counter slippage and reduce friction. Giving an all round lock-down fit to football, this product embraces those fine margins between the good and great.

Recently backed by Oscar, Jesse Lingard, César Azpilicueta and Iker Casillas, the Storelli momentum is strong as the Brooklyn based brand go the distance in working on the fine tuning for the elite game. An impressive feat too, the SpeedGrip technology was introduced on Kickstarter, and Storelli raised in excess of $50,000 in funding on that platform prior to launch.

Taking that through the testing phase, rigorously, the brand looked to Loughborough University to highlight the gripping properties of the insole and ultimately proving the enhanced athlete reaction time, greater foot control and overall performance boost that the SpeedGrip brings.

Numbers to back the knowledge - The tests, conducted in both wet and dry conditions, showed that the athletes wearing the SpeedGrip Insole had 58 percent more friction, and the majority (90 percent) said that the Insole made them feel faster. Moreover there are four key stand out elements that Storelli have championed with this latest product.

SpeedGrip™ Technology - a non-woven material that can withstand huge amounds of heat and pressure and actually gets grippier the wetter it becomes.

Lightweight - while this is a soft, cushioned and ultra thin layer of material, it is firm enough to transfer energy from your foot.

Anti-Microbial - with the perforated forefront, the insole is designed with breathability in mind. Additionally it has been enhanced with an anti-microbial treatment to block germs and odors.

Supportive Heel Tab - The heel-shaped cup design provides for first-ever insole coverage around the heel, limiting vertical heel movement, slippage and providing extra stability, support and comfort.

This a product where the devil very much lands in the detail. A playmaking pioneer, it's a piece of design technology that brings science to football as it looks to shave those extra percentages off the opposition as you improve your own game. Discussing the Storelli philosophy, Head of Design, Tom Marchesi, explained, “At Storelli we are doing something different. While other sportswear brands focus on footwear and the apparel you see such as jerseys, we are engineering performance from the inside out, hacking sportswear and focusing on the areas closer to the body, to the skin. These areas are largely neglected but can enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury.”

Given that Storelli was founded by athletes, their take on the performance product world come from a genuine perspective. Adding further support to the cause Rocco Monto, MD of the brand also detailed, "Sports performance is a constant battle between energy and error. If you have better grip in your footwear, less energy is lost during quick stops, starts, and cuts. When a player has more comfort and confidence in their traction, getting in the flow is quicker and easier."

Fine tuning and winning in the margins, this is a product that takes a bespoke look at a part of the football boot as we know it that gets little public attention. Identifying a problem and providing a solution, this product is a tested line in the sand in showing how big a difference exploring your own on pitch kit can be.

Dropping in time for those pre-season starts, it's time to take the advantage. Shop SpeedGrip Insoles.

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