SoccerBible: Storelli Launch ExoShield Gladiator Legend

Nov 28, 2016

When it comes to tearing through innovative ideas, Storelli are well placed in thinking differently. Launching the "ExoShield Gladiator Legend", this new glove is the first of its kind and offers fresh perspective with a ruthlessly strong mind set.

Goalkeepers stand as the final pivotal wall between a game won or lost. While outfield players place onus on the feet, for those between the steel sticks, it is a game that starts in the mind and is controlled by the hands. Looking to offer a fresh round of ammunition, Brooklyn brand Storelli have unveiled their latest tools for those in goal. Tools that wrap new innovation on the wrists.

You can bid farewell to the traditional single strap keeper gloves. These, with their 'Spiral Wrap System', set a new bar for what the top flight looks like. The straps themselves, positioned on the backhand of the gloves, cross diagonally over the wrists wrapping the forearm in a battle arming formation ― hence the Gladiaor undertones. The objective is to provide an extra layer of support over the wrist and have been designed with the human body very much in mind. Stability, control and protection are the core fundamentals. Remember what "Fingersave" did for the adidas keeper? So long '90s nostalgia. Gripping proceedings.

Suit up in spiral formation here.

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