SoccerBible: Stefan Frei Suits Up in Storelli

Aug 2, 2017

Adding another elite name to their growing roster of players, Storelli have teamed up with Stefan Frei as he prepares to go between the sticks in the MLS All Star fixture against Real Madrid.

First name on the team sheet when the annual MLS All Star fixture was announced, Stefan Frei is a keeper with a strong look and a natural fit for a brand that are determined to keep battling away at those 1% to enable players to perform at the top of their game. Suited in the BodyShield, which was also backed by Iker Casillas, it puts the Storelli product on the pitch of the very top flight once more. A perfectly engineered piece of kit that has been designed to help goalkeepers dive with the essential protection they need.

A statement of intent as the brand earns its place as a key player for an undercurrent of tastes that sees the contemporary class pride themselves on the measures taken to gain on those fine margins between good and great. The BodyShield, part of the the Storelli stable of products that have been brought to market with a set position in mind, it combines agility with durability and has been created to respond to the impact a player like Stefan Frei would face on a minute by minute basis.

A match up against Real Madrid awaits, there is no greater opportunity to test the muscle against than the 2017 Champions League winners.

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