SoccerBible on the SpeedGrip™ Sock Launch

Oct 31, 2017

SoccerBible on the launch of the SpeedGrip Sock.

Designed to improve foot traction while honing speed, power and control, Storelli have brought fresh evolution to the table in the shape of their SpeedGrip Sock.

With expertise and engineered fine tuning, Storelli are a brand that continues to grow with one idea fast following the next. Constructed with a thin though tailored compression fabric, the Storelli SpeedGrip Sock been has been brought to the market with a tenacious mentality. Seeking out those match winning percentages, it's all about the under the hood detail where this performance product comes into its own.

The Storelli SpeedGrip landed on the scene looking to give that pioneering player the ability to have the most secure fit to their boot whilst maintaining a maximum level of agility. Ensuring those substantial qualities are retained while adding an evolved level of style, this latest instalment goes beyond any trend. Bonding the SpeedGrip tech to the sock, it retains both grip and traction in wet and dry conditions and ultimately provides a more direct contact with your footwear of choice. Commanding a strong look too, it's an assured piece of engineering that goes the distance in delivering tested results.

Having tested the product at Progressive Sports Technologies at Loughborough University, the brand found that the SpeedGrip not only delivered up to 135% more grip against the foot skin but it also provided 90% more grip than a normal sock against a typical insole. A more efficient way for your body to transfer its energy, their testing process saw 7 out of 10 athletes say they felt faster when using the product.

The SpeedGrip is a tool for those ready to break away from convention. The extra minutes in training matched with a mindset of doing better than your previous best, you can get into the professional headspace with the right kit on your feet. What's more, a launch through Kickstarter lets those who have been their with Storelli show why they should be supported. You can get involved here.

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